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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain

Welcome to the Homepage

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Welcome to Zethar-II's & ValorXII's Domain! This is our little place on the web where we have a shrine devoted to the upcoming game Super Smash Brothers Melee, or Smash Brothers Deluxe for you people out there from the Land of the Rising Sun! Anyway, unlike some sites, this one is designed to be a Translation Site, where Zethar-II gets official information from the Nintendo of Japan website, and translates it for all you English speakers. Any comments? You can find us at the IGN boards, so Private Message us, or make a topic in the SSB boards. Enjoy!

WARNING: This page is a direct and literal translation of the page written by Masahiro Sakurai. If the term 'I', 'we', or 'me' come up, it does not reflect the ideas of Zethar-II, but of Mr. Sakurai.

Wednesday - 30/10/01

ValorXII here.
Colosseum Mode is back up again...

Tuesday 30/10/01

ValorXII here.

Event Mode is now up!

Also, Ness has music from his own game now on his page.
That ought to make those Earthbounders happy. ;)

Monday - 30/10/01
Every page (SSBM related) should now have a different music track!

Unfortunately, some are only .midi files due to lack of web space, but they are not that bad.

Check it out!

PS: (A lot of the new music files in this update are temporary and will be changed afterwards, although some will stay perhaps)

Sunday - 29/10/01

2:34 P.M.
ValorXII Here. I will be updating the site from now on using Zethar II's great translations. Hopefully this should take some weight of his back. Okay, I've started some work.

3:00 P.M.
Yoshi section now up finally! With a cool Yoshi remix to boot!

3:23 P.M.
Damn Tripod, we lost a fair few pictures and MP3 files on this site a while ago, before I was working on the site, eventually I will re-upload them.

4:30 P.M.
My ISP is messing around with me, I'm trying to upload some new MP3s for the characters without any music on their page...

9:24 P.M.
The following characters now have new music on their page.

-Donkey Kong

Which leaves only Kirby and Pikachu to go I believe..... :)

9:38 P.M.
Day one complete! Phew. Thats all for today folks....

Friday 9/21/01 ~ Okay, I'm gonna try and keep this page updated. Basically, we have a lot of pages unfinished, and I've finally got my media files working, so downloading them shouldn't be a problem! Also, as you can see, music now plays in the background of some pages, that's good. Oh yeah, the Balance of Power section is finally 'Officially' up.


Zethar-II extends condolence's for those who lost in the recent attack on New York.

Take a moment of silence to remember those who have left us.

Remember the Pentagon! Remember the World Trade Towers! Remember the People!

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