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Homicidal Psycho Jungle Electric Mice Anyone? ~ 9/25/01


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Pikachu Pinup

Finally! It's Pikachu's turn! That little yellow furball!

This time, Pikachu is appearently the only Standard character who is a Pokemon. I'm not so sure about hidden characters though. . . .

Before we get right into it, I would like to just get things in a flow here. Pikachu actually can't use the Rocket Headbutt attack in Pocket Monster Gold or Silver, but he could in Pocket Monster Red and Green.

We wont go into that sort of investigation with all characters though. . . .

Other than the voice, Pikachu is based on the video game version, and not the T.V. show. That is why coming out of a Monster Ball is natural for him.

Neutral B Attack: Thunder Jolt

Horizontal B Attack: Rocket Headbutt

Up B Attack: Quick Attack

Down B Attack: Thunder

Click Here to Play Pikachu's SSB Theme


The Lightning attack is written in Hiragana because it is the name of a Pokemon Attack. (On the GB Pokemon games, all the names of an attack are written in Hiragana.)


A giant gethering of Pokemon! This time they are all proper 3-D models.

Rocket Headbutt

You can charge the Rocket Headbutt by holding down the button. When you release it, all the energy is unleashed at once!


The Thunder Jolt is a ground projectile.

Denko Sekka

This is the Quick Attack, not to be mistaken with Agility.

Spin Attack

Pikachu has a new aerial attack as shown above. He spins around and around, hitting anything in hs path.