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New Systems

In Honor of the Release of the Nintendo GameCube ~ 9/14/01


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Today's update has to do with a lot of small, yet interesting topics.

Of course there are new modes of play, or new manuevers in SSBM. But we don't want to make them really hard or confusing commands. That's why we tried to make these new commands as natural, and fluid as possible.

Just to clear the air on the subject, we tried to accomodate this idea when making the game. We want the beginners who play SSB to have a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" type of feel, instead of being confused over how the buttons work.

We can't emphasize enough the point that this is a very simple game in control. We try not to get you (the player) too caught up on just the controls.

"But where is the New Systems of Play?" you ask? "But where are the new pictures of SSBM?" you ask? Go have a look.

SSBM plays very similarly to it's previous counterpart, but if you are expecting a carbon copy, you're in for a surprise.

Again the throws use the R Trigger button, but so do a lot of the other New Systems of play. After about two weeks, your hands might get tired from using it too much. Well, this is where I take my leave.

The specifications listed on this page are subject to change, or being cut from the final product.

Smash Hold

Smash Hold

When doing a Smash Attack you can hold down the button and charge the attack! Although the strength of the attack doesn't increase that noticably, it is a good technique to use when timing an attack

Reverse Meteor

Reverse Meteor

Reverse Meteor

Amazingly, you can actually break free from a Meteor Smash! (A Meteor Smash is when you get hit straight down.) After getting hit, an elapsed timw will pass, and after which you can do an Aerial Jump, or even an Up B Attack again.

Knockout Damage


This time even when you are hit with weak attacks when downed, you will still be vulnerable, and will not get up automatically. However, when stronger attacks hit you while downed, you will be able to move right away, and wont fly as far as you normally would. Althought this is true, there is not merit in being knocked down, so get up as quickly as possible!

Large Item Lift & Walk; Large Item Up or Down Throw


This time around, when you pick up large items (like Boxes or Barrels) you can now walk slowly, and even throw them up or down. How fast you walk depends on the character you choose.

Loupe Damage


This time when you're character is in the Loupe (when you are off the screen, and that magnified image appears like in the picture) you will keep recieving a little damage! Stay on the platform for your own good!

Cliff Hanger Jump

Grabbing Jump

While hanging on to the ledge with your character, you can now do the jump command making your character climb the ledge with a jump! This gives you another choice when climbing back on the ledge.

Triangle Jump

Triangle Jump

While jumping against a wall, you can now press the Opposite Direction on your Control Stick to do a Triangle Jump. This lets you gain height without using your second jump. Only characters like Mario and Samus who had Triangle Jumps in their own games, and fast characters can do this.

Dash Grab

Dash Grab

This new technique has to do with throwing. When you dash and press the Throw Botton you will do a Dash Grab. It's a good maneuver for surprise attacks, but once dodged you are very vulnerable.

Grab Attack

Grab Attack

After you grab someone you can choose to attack differently by pressing the A button. Although, the damage from throwing and just general damage has been reduced. The key now is to plan your attacks. (The damage reduction was made partly because some people used the strategy of "Throw, Throw, and Throw", so we had to make things fair.

Grab Release

Grab Release

After being grabbed, you now have the ability to counter it by struggling free. If you get the control Stick, and jiggle it around a lot, you can break free of your opponent's grasp. Although, you will have to learn to do this manuever before you are thrown.

Up and Down Throws


In the previous game, throwing forward and backward were your only two options. Now you have a choice of four throws, where you have to think about your position, your opponent's damage, your opponent's weigt, etc. to maximize the effectivness of each throw.