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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain
Event Mode

Use the characters in their home environment! ~ 26/10/01


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Introducing the Event Mode, one of the 1-Player games in SSBM! There's still more modes to play in this game?!!

The Event Mode is a collection of Situations where you fight opponents. Being a 1-Player Mode, you can only play by yourself.



This is the Event Mode Menu.

-Something King (Can't Read)
-King of the Jungle
-(Can't Read)
-(Can't Read)
-I Don't Have any Money....
-The Tale of the Fountain of Dreams
-Pokemon Battle
-Brinstar Brawl
-Zelda's Transformation? (It could be that, but the writing isn't Clear)

These are somewhat divided into different levels that you must clear. They are based on character's Original Games or Special Situations.

In Smash Brothers there really isn't a storyline to follow, but at least this will let you enjoy each character's atmosphere to the maximum. Plus you learn about the character's backgrounds a bit without having to research it.

In these matches, obviously an enemy will come out. But defeating the enemy wont necessarily be the only way to win...

Anyway, this is the Event Mode.

King of the Jungle

-Donkey Kong Only
Use Giant Donkey Kong and blast away the Small Donkey Kong!

Defend your homeland!

The bigger one is the player. Just in case....

I Don't Have any Money!

-Ness Only
Ness wanted to go shopping in Onett, but had nothing to do because he had no cash. Now he's just decided to fight Captain Falcon for his money.

Grab the coins!

If you get 200 Coins in the time limit you win.

Pokemon Battle

-Any Character
In a battle where Direct Attacks don't work (they just go through your opponent) your only means of battle are with Monster Balls (Pokeballs) and the trusty Pokemon inside of them. Use them wisely and fight off the enemy Pikachu!

Pokemon Battle!

Although, with the Trainer's hat Pikachu looks like a real Pokemon Trainer.

Brinstar Brawl

-Any Character
After chasing the elusive bounty hunter to Brinstar, you must fight her, none other than Samus Aran! After the long journey the two of you are already beat up.

I'm already damaged?!

Fight as both of your energy levels are drained! >

The Battle of Seconds

-Any Character
You have 7 seconds to beat Captain Falcon in this fierce battle!

Be quick!

7 Seconds refers to the Blue Falcon's number (No. 7). An optimal number for this particular time attack, wouldn't you think?

Yoshi's Egg

-Only Yoshi
Only 1 Yoshi is on screen, and he's holding an egg. Survive the time limit and don't let the egg crack!

A Flying Ship?

Wh- What stage is this? That's for next time....

Respective clear times and new records are listed with the game name so that the next person can understand it and perhaps try to beat the score.

Event Mode Menu?

Right here.

Differing from the other 1-Player games, there is no way to set the difficulty of these games. Some call it, 'forcing the difficulty on you'.

Actually, the first few games are pretty easy, but they get harder as you go on. This is good and all, but sometimes you wish you weren't restricted to these rules.

In SSBM, the items play a role too, so depending on what items you get during the battle can change the outcome of the match. So be patient and keep trying to beat the levels. (Remember, you don't need to beat them in order.)

And to top it all off, the Event Mode is even fun if you want to play by yourself for even for a quick little bit.

By the way, it may turn out that I am anticipating the arrival of a 1 on 1 battle between Link and a Certain secret character....