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SpaceWorld Melee Report 1

A Report From SpaceWorld Featuring SSBM ~ 8/24/01


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To tell the truth, I actually got into Makuhari yesterday, to rehearse Kirby's Event, and some general GameCube stuff.

Kirby Anime

Here they had the Kirby Anime concert right on front of the entrance, so people really got into the Kirby mood when they played.

And finally, the big day comes. With just the opening day we saw a whole lot.


GameCube test stands waiting to be played.


Staff members after an earl morning meeting.

The opening today was pretty much the same as the PreShow, where they showed off games for the GameCube. The new Mario and Zelda games were announced.


The GameCube rescues the gaming industry from depression.

Normally we don't like the first day because it's full of just media people, but then you have to admit that there are lots of people!


People are in every direction you look!

The Smash Brothers testing booth was actually the busiest. And tomorrow is open to the public, so just imagine that! Again, we fealt that today would be a breeze, but it was still full of people!

Long Lines

SSBM, and other games, had long lines such as this.

Normally we display from around 40-20 people per booth. Today we had around 20 people pre booth, so that wasn't bad. Do you think that you'll be able to play? Do you think that you'll play well? Is there still some doubt about how the new game plays? But we have some reassurance coming soon, so don't worry.

At today's show there were also a lot of well known faces. (Although their name tags made it easy to find them.) They were all over the place today, so we didn't really get to talk to them.

Mr. Hirabayashi

Game analyst, Mr. Hirabayashi. After this, he will arange a T.V. broadcast.

Kirby and Sega

The creators of Kirby Tilt and Tumble, Mr> Shimizu and Mr. Suzuki. The president of Sonic team is in the back playing the game.

Smash Spirit

Fans getting into the Smash Spirit.

Oh no! In all the commotion we forgot to get Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Iwata's pictures!

With all the people to talk to in SpaceWorld, I really dind't get to check out all the games. I've got to talk about Smash Brothers somehow!

For now, this has been the Industry Day. For a while, I have a lot to do, so I'll get going soon. Gotta wait till the night is over till I can get more up.

End of Day

And so, this was Day 1.

Well, have a good fight!

By ~ The ~ Way

From tomorrow SpaceWorld will have its "Premium Fight" for Smash Brothers, an event that most likely everyone wants to participate in. I guess as long as they get some new information quicker than the rest of the public....

For just such an event, we have the "You Know the Technique, but if You Work on it, You'll get Good". (Since it is in the middle of developement, things can change. It's always good to know this.)

Mario: Because Mario's Smash Attack, the "Flaming Palm Smash", emits fire, Mario's hand does not need to touch the oppenent, just the flames, so there is some range to the attack. Hitting the fire itself does more damage.

Donkey Kong: The "Donkey Headbutt" does not force opponents into the ground if you are airborn; although it does become a good Meteor Attack.

Link: Link's Return move "Spin Attack", is now more efficient on the ground too.

Samus: Although she can fire the "Grappling Beam" in mid-air, it does not actually grab opponents. It just deals a little bit of damage. By doing your Aerial Emergency Evade first, you can aim the Grappling Beam better.

Yoshi: The new Horizontal Attack of Yoshi's is the "Rumble Tumble Egg". You appearently have to watch out for self destructing. It's a good tactic to keep rolling into your enemies persistantly, or to roll into unsuspectin attackers when they approach.

Kirby: Like some, Kirby's attacks are stronger when you hit your opponent low. Kirby also has a very simple Meteor Attack; just by doing a Downward Attack in mid-air. But like other characters who have easy Meteor Attacks, Kirby is left open for attack himself when executing this command. You must learn how and when to use the attack.

Fox: Fox's Downward Special Move is his "Reflector". You can use it to do direct damage as well.

Pikachu: The decision has been made that Pikachu can use his tail to grab opponents. In all truth, Fox can now do this too.

Captain Falcon: The "Falcon Punch", a Neutral Special Move, does more damage when you hit your opponent low. A lot of characters seem to have this as well.

Ness: The new "PK Flash" attack seems to disappear when it hits the ground. Also, when you charge it to the maximum strength, it will automatically explode.

Peach: As a fan service, one of Peach's alternate costumes is the same as.... Use the X and Y buttons at the Character Select Screen to change colors.

Bowser: Because bowser deals such large damage, he has a lot of openings to get hit. Every attack is already the strength of a Smash Attack.

Ice Climbers: When Ice Climber Nana is about to die, you can use the "Rubber Jump" special move (a Return Attack) to save her. Although the "Rubber Jump" has good vertical distance, it does not travel horizontally very well.

On the Character Select Screen, the "?" block next to Link is Sheik, who is not playable at SpaceWorld. There are also 5 other hidden characters, but of course they are a secret.