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Use the L and R Triggers

More New Features in SSBM ~ 9/28/01


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Shield 1

Shield 2


Now, using the full potential of the L and R becoming analog, the shields will have different qualities when you press them. For the shield, it will have different results if you press it strong or weak.

L and R Input Weak: Large Shield, Big Recovery, Slides Backward Big, Lasts Long With Time, Weak against Attacks

L and R Input Strong: Small Shield, Small Recovery, Doesn't Slide Backwards Well, Doesn't Last Long with Time, Strong Against Attacks

And so on. If the shield is small, it is harder to defend your body.


Emergency Evade

As said earlier, the Emergency evade can be done by pressing Down on the Control Stick while your shield is up. In air, you press the L or R Trigger swiftly to Emergency Evade. Using the Control Stick and the Aerial Emergency Evade, you can direct yourself better.

Aerial Clamps

Aerial Hookshot and Aerial Grappling Beam

When Link or Samus (only them) press the throw command in midair, they will both fire their respective clamping attacks. Both can latch onto ledges, where they can dangle. Using this ability will not let you grab opponents in air.

So, as a follow-up to the "New System" report, we'll talk about the many uses of the L and R Trigger. It's almost like the SSB 64 Page!

By the way, I said this earlier, but some of the controls have changed since 8/17/01 (when I did the Basic Operation report). The L and R button are both used as a shield.

Basically, think "This looks like a place where I can use the L or R trigger.", and try it out. It was designed to be easy and effective. These new commands were made so you can't keep hitting people over and over again! Hee hee hee!

Just Defense

Just Defense

When you press the L and R to the max (a Smash R or L?) you will defend, but not imediately put the shield up. This way, you can block while not wasting your shield - if you can react at the right time.

Shield Reflect

Shield Reflect

Similarly to the Just Defense, the first few moments when you bring out your shield has the ability to refelct enemy projectiles, so you must time it well. You can even reflect them right back at your opponent, but the power of the projectile is weakened.

Slide 1

Slide 2

Guard Stop Slide

This manuever is just like the Hit Stop Slide, but you just don't move back as far. For those of you who forgot, the Hit Stop Slide is:

Hit Stop Slide: Press The Opposite Direction on the Control Stick the Moment you get Hit to Slide Away from the Attacker

Th Difference is that you use it while the Shield is up instead. A good technique to use to get out of sticky situations or from a pesky attacker. Although, if you time it wrong (you need to be recovering), and you press the Control Stick, you normally will get an Emergency Evade.

Wall/Ceiling Stop

Wall Stop and Ceiling Stop

Like in the first game, you can stop yourself right when you hit the ground by preesing L or R (instead of Z like in SSB 64). Now you can stop yourself when you hit the walls or ceilings with the same command!

Aerial Item Grab

Aerial Item Grab

Now, if do the Grabbing Function (Z or R+A) in air, you can grab items before they hit the ground. When you grab items thrown at you, it is advised that you do an Aerial Emergency Evade first, and imediately try to grab the item so you lower the risk.

Item Drop

Post Hit Item Drop

"I just got blasted off while holding my hammer!"

At times like these (look how you spin!) you can press the L or R button the instant you get hit and you can drop the item. If done properly, could you throw the item instead of dropping it...?