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The Legend of Zelda: Balance of Power


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The Legend of Zelda: Balance of Power

A Page Devoted to the Fanfic Running on the IGN Boards ~ 7/28/01

The Legend of Zelda: Balance of Power is a Fanfic based on the Zelda storyline that is on the IGN Boards. Being that I am one of the core writters, I felt that this page would help those who are part of it, and attract those to the story.

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Characters: Side of Light

Link: The so called Hero of Time. He himself does not believe in such things as magic and destiny, but his views are starting to change after all that has happened to him so far. He has been lightly trained with the sword, his father's sword in particular. His father died when he was young, and he and his mother run an Inn at Kakariko Village. He helps his Grandpa from time to time. He travels with his companions Draco, Yomil, Zelda, and now has a personal mission to find Anthy.

Anthy Dress

Zelda: The well known Princess of Hyrule. She has the ability to forsee the coming of Evil in the form of dreams. She has much faith in Link's ability to save the land. Both her parents were killed recently in a tragic fire in the castle. Her trusted friend and nurse, Impa, had also left the castle, so all she has left is her older brother Draco, and Link. She has been trained by Impa in the art of the Sheikah. She is not very fond of the girl Anthy, and does not believe that she has any place with them. Zelda calls Anthy an "Evil Witch" time and time again. She witnessed Link and Anthy on top of the Late Deku Tree, and is not on speaking terms with either of them. This is probably due to her feelings for Link that she cannot admit.


Yomil: A young wizard who has traveled from the Kingdom of Kinoko. He is one of the Goombas, or wizards who have been nicknamed for their use of mysterious mushrooms by the same name, have verious ranks of skill, depending on how long they have been studying. In their standards, Yomil has the knowledge of a Ninth Year. Although he may be a Ninth Year equivalent, Yomil was banned from schooling by the Scribes, the ruling body of the Kingdom of Kinoko, after Yomil had given away information to those who did not deserve.

Draco: The crown prince of Hyrule. He is Zelda's older brother and tries to look after her. He is aware of Zelda's feelings for Link, but doesn't bring up the topic. He has some training in the use of the sword, but has no real combat, or 'Hands On' experience. He now travels to save the world, along with Link, Zelda, and Yomil.

Urius: Grandfather to Link, Keeper of the former Death Mountain Temple, servant to Somaria, and father to Femmera. That is Urius in a nutshell. Urius had trained all his life to serve the Goddesses, only to find that his Grandson, Link, would be their Hero. Still overjoyed at the fact that he can help in some way, Urius will do almost anything to that either Somaria, or the Goddesses themselves say. Urius was entrusted with the book of Durak, a powerful book that had all knowledge in it, by Derdekea. He then proceeded to seal the book in another realm, using three Talismans that Somaria had given him, at her request.

Anthy: The mysterious girl known as the Bride of Light has many peculiar abilities and a supernatural air about her, one of them being that she never seems to be affected by some laws of physics. For reasons unknown, Anthy can also summon the Master Sword. Despite what it seems, she does not pull the sword out of her chest, mearly summoning it in a focal point of energy at that location. She now follows Link to ensure the safety of the world. She says that her destiny will hurt the Hero of Time, but how the details of that are unclear.


Characters: Madame and Her Crew

The Madame Moda: Probably the most technologically advanced person on the planet, the Madame is a member of an aquatic race known as the Massiach. Through means of her knowledge of biological manipulation, the Madame Moda was able to travel to parallel worlds and time to explore. The Madame is now humanoid, the details surrounding her transformation are sketchy; all she says about her past is that she is lost from her own people. It is known that she had connections to Barinade, Morpha, Ghot, Gyorg, Odolwa, and Twin Mold. Her current mission is to stop the destruction of Hyrule after witnessing Termina being destroyed. She has Empath, Vision, Derdekea, and the Chibi Yoshi work alongside her, along with her hidden Laboratory Achiah. She is physcically powerful, also easily dissipating Yomil's fire ball spell; it is unkown if this is a result of her technology or a natural ability.

The Madame

Derdekea: Not much is known about her, except that she does not really work for the Madame Moda. Her powers are powerful, to say the least; there is good reason to believe her power is superior to even the Great Fairies. She has the ability to lose her Human form, and transform into.... She is in the midst of a 'game' where Darkrova is her opponent for reasons unknown. The rumored so-called 'Fourth Piece' of the Triforce irritates her.


Vision: Vision's past is almost as elusive as Madame's, all that is known is that Vision is called a 'Hunter' and that Empath was his 'complement'. The two Hunters are completely biological, they use no armor or instruments; their lithe forms encaste in armor which is part of their bodies. Both have superior physical ability to all races as well as supernatural abilities. Vision has the power of telekinesis and telepathy; it also has a 'spell' called Psychokinesis which is extremely volatile but also nearly suicidal. Vision's close combat weaponary includes something calld 'Razor Hand' in which the side's of its hands glow and can cut through even the most resiliant metal. Supposedly, Vision is more tuned for destruction than Empath, but it was proved that Vision was almost pitifully ineffective against Empath's new form.

Chibi Yoshi: A strange reptile which is subjected to abuse by the Madame; most of the other crew ignore his wild antics. Ironically, it seems that the gremlin like lizard is the Madame's engineer/repairman. He enjoys making code names.

The Chibi Yoshi

Achiah: Madame's mysterious base of operations is a labyrinth of flesh which is sentient. Achiah is that sentience and is a calm and subserviant entity which exists to aid the Madame in her experiments. Achiah's functionality was diminished when the Chibi Yoshi tampered with its intelligance enchancing syrum.

Characters: Uknown

Eloa: A mysterious spirit which aided Link's crossing of the great expanse of Hyrule Field. Other than her relation to Kamali, nothing else is known about this entity besides the fact she doesn't seem to be aware of the 'Goddesses', or at least doesn't regard them as such.

Kamali: Eloa's servant, but the two banter constantly and seem to have playful relationship. Presumed dead or at least missing after a mission to the Kokiri Forest with Impa and Palous, the mysterious Shiekah and his enigmatic master seem to have their own agenda which they are following.

Somaria: The Great Fairy of Death Mountain, Somaria's appearance differs from her sisters by her blue color and gossamer wings. She trusts Urius, her friend and servant, but went berserk after Derdekea influenced her mind. Derdekea had told Somaria to guard the mysterious Book of Durak even at the cost of her own existance; these extreme instructions caused the normally serene fairy to become agitated and paranoid, demanding that Urius give her the book even though she was the one who told him to conceal it where no mortal could find it. Her current status is unkown.

Somaria: The Great Fairy of Death Mountain, Somaria's appearance differs from her sisters by her blue color and gossamer wings. She trusts Urius, her friend and servant, but went berserk after Derdekea influenced her mind. Derdekea had told Somaria to guard the mysterious Book of Durak even at the cost of her own existance; these extreme instructions caused the normally serene fairy to become agitated and paranoid, demanding that Urius give her the book even though she was the one who told him to conceal it where no mortal could find it. Her current status is unkown.

Raziel: The Great Fairy of the Zora Fountain, Raziel shows herself to Lulu, the Zora princess. With her urging, Lulu brought Link and his group to the fairy who aided their quest by giving Yomil a magical enhancement called Farore's Wind. Although urged to leave her fountain, she decided to stay rather than flee the comming apocolypse of Death Mountain. Her status is unkown.

Rauru: A mysterious old man who used to be the Sage of Light centuries ago. It is unkown what role he plays in the 'game' besides the fact that he has hostile feelings toward Kamali. He resents the fact that the Sages almost have no power as each successive generation of Sages became weaker and weaker. His whereabouts are unkown.

Saria: A mysterious green haired girl who appeared to Link for a few moments in the forest. She seems eternally sad and claims she is immortal and that her curse took what was most dear to her. She seemed escpecially sad about the Kokiri's existance. After the Kokiri migrated deeper into the Forest where they lost all contact to the world (some say a there are living walls of vegetation that keep a part of the forest completely blocked), Saria had the opportunity to leave the Forest, where her body aged. She was forced to return though, and thinks of the event as a cruel joke. She also left Link a Bow and Arrow, as well as a mysterious Ocarina.

Ling-Ling: A strange animal which Anthy was found talking to in the forest. The panda is especially agile and short tempered, not hesitating to hit others with her bamboo cane and give them her fear inspiring glare. She communicated with others by a magical wooden sign who's messages would constantly change. It was revealed that she was a friend of Saria and that she could also speak normally besides her trademark, "Pao!". She dissapears with Saria; her exact nature and existance or purpose is unkown.

Impa: Zelda's mysterious nurse who seems to be able to change form at will. It is rumored that there has always been an 'Impa' who lived in the castle; but most thought it just meant there were different woman with the name Impa. It would seem that there is only one Impa and her true intentions are not known. She trained Zelda in the ways of the Shiekah and left the girl the night before the fire which destroyed the castle. Her age is unkown but through her converstions with her son Palous, it can be inferred that she should be dead by all logic. She, Palous, and Kamali where part of a suicidal mission to the Kokiri Forest, but the aftermath and the details have yet to be revealed. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Characters: Shadow Girls

Aberi, Beyami, Clayaty

Aberi: One of the two Shadow Girls that have a 'Duet Broadcast'. She and her sister Beyami talk about seemingly unimportant matters, that are somehow related to the story. Aberi is more grounded when compared to her sister, and needs to make sure that she doesn't cause any problems. Aberi and Beyami are known for their "Have you heard? Have You heard? Do you know what I've heard?", lines.

Beyami: One of the two Shadow Girls that have a 'Duet Broadcast'. She and her sister Aberi talk about seemingly unimportant matters, that are somehow related to the story. Beyami likes to look at the lighter side of things, somewhat of a burden on her sister sometimes. Aberi and Beyami are known for their "Have you heard? Have You heard? Do you know what I've heard?", lines.

Clayaty: The third Shadow Girl who appeared after Aberi and Beyami's Farewell Broadcast. She works solo, unlike the two sisters, but that doesn't mean she's any less of a Shadow Girl! She likes to dress up, and ussually ends up playing roles that just have one person pondering about mysterious things. Her relationship with Aberi and Beyami is still unknown. Clayaty is known for her line "Extra! Extra! Hear all about it!".

Characters: The Side of Darkness

Darkrova: She is a mysterious sorcress who masqueraded as a 'Lady Peach' from the Kingdom of Kinoko. After her arrival, the castle soon caught fire, but it is unkown if it was she was the cause when Impa tells Palous that it wa her fault for bringing a Kokiri Elder to the castle. It is known that Darkrova attempted to kill Link and Zelda in the temple of Time, but through Anthy's intervention with the Master Sword, the Darkrova in the Temple was revealed to be a shadow which dissipated when it contacted the Holy Light of the Master Sword. Darkrova seems to be familiar with Derdekea and calls all of the passing events part of a 'game' in which she is trying to make Derdekea lose. Darkrova is powerful but her spells had no effect on Derdekea. In fact, Derdekea easily slammed Darkrova into the Death Mountain crater; but Darkrova was not seriously injured.

Palous: A murderious Shiekah with the ability to take on the form of those he kills. Originally, he had no control over this ability, but after being healed, he could only enjoy his new found control for a short while after his dual with Empath which left him with no souls (besides Hylian) which he could control. It seems that there is another force he isn't even aware of which draws him to attempt to follow and ultimately kill Link.

Empath: Once one of the 'Hunters' resurrected by Madame, Empath is now a radical and sadistic being with no known alliances. Unlike Vision, who is adrogenous, Empath is now female, claiming to have 'matured' into her new form. Her transformation is a result of Palous. After Empath used a 'spell called 'Aura Storm' easily defeated Palous, her behavior following the battle seemed to become slightly erratic, and Madame reailzed athat Empath's 'Astral Core' had been corrupted by its contact with Palous' psyche. Empath soon went rouge and left the Madame's command; only following an almost painful feeling in her head which called her to the forest. This was when she was still adrogenous, after being non-active for a while, the Hunter resurfaced in its new body and kidnapped Chibi Yoshi in attempt to lure Vision to fight her. Although it seemed that the two were equally matched, it became all too apparent that Empath had become superior to Vision in combat; her regenerative abilities as well as her own phsychic powers easily countering Vision's attacks. She seemed to be killed when Vision used the 'spell' Psychokinesis, but manage to regenerate while Vision was unable to recover from its own spell. Empath now seems to be drawn to Palous; her motivations are unkown in any perspective. Empath has the ability to control or alter people's emotions as well as create an energy whip; her destructive abilities deal with the use of auras. One of her more powerful 'spells' called 'Soul Body' creates energy clones which attack as Empath desires. Empath can also regenerate from almost unbelievable amounts of physical trauma. Both 'Hunters' can launch organic needles which are covered in toxin called 'Spray Anchors'; althought the ablility doesn't work on eachother.

Characters: Friendly Supporters

Femmera: Link's mother and Urius' daughter. Femmera is a very practical woman who runs an Inn with her son. Her husband has been long dead, his only legacy a sword which Femmera gives to Link. During the chaos which preluded Death Mountain, Femmera was taken in by Madame and sedated because of her great worry for her son's life. It is unkown what she is doing now besides being put into a 'hybernation pod' by Madame.

Moosh: Link's faithful dog who accompanies him around Kakariko. Besides growling at the Madame, this little dog's character and whereabouts are unkown. It is only assumed that the Madame must have also put the dog into 'hybernation'.

Lon-Lon Family: A matriarchal family of red headed girls who run the famous ranch in the center of Hyrule field. The graciously donate horses to Link's. The youngest is Romani, her mother is Cremia, her great grandmother is Malon, and her great grandmother was named Marin. It is unclear whether or not they survived the Eruption.

Lulu and King Zora Do Von XIX: The Zoran royals help Link and his friends on their quest to save Hyrule, although it seems to be Lulu's abilitiy to control her father with her affection which seems to be making the Zora King comply. Lulu works for Raziel and guides the party to the fairy's presence. Both Lulu and the King have already begun evacuating the Zora populous toward Hylia bay where they will attempt to survive the firey death of Death Mountain by hiding in their ocean settlements.

Enchanted Items

The Pendant: The mysterious pendant which Madame gives to Link. It plays melodies and also changes the portrait of whoever inside. The Madame says that all who the pendant shows are 'players' in the game. Link temporarily loses the locket but later gets it back after Anthy finds it among the Chibi Yoshi's aquatic gear in the forest. The Pendant was also responsible for Link awakening Somaria when it fell onto the Triforce symbol infront of the fountain and played a song.

The Master Sword: The Sword of Evil's Bane, the legendary weapon and key to time seems to have been nothing more than a legend when Link finds its ancient and rusted remains in the Temple of Time. It is revealed when Anthy saves Link that the Master Sword is in her 'posession'. No one seems to really know the reason for this and Anthy herself isn't saying. The girl with hair of lavender tells Link that they must go to the Forest Temple in order to make the Maste Sword whole and that the Sword she creates isn't complete. That appearently meant merging the Master Sword with Link's Father's sword, making it physical once again. It is unkown why Anthy disappeared soon after those events.

Book of Durak: A mysterious book which is said to have the power to save Hyrule. It is currently hidden in another realm and is the reason why Link and his friends must find the Master Sword so they can travel time and collect the Talismans needed to release th book. It is said that it contains all knowledge.

Somaria's Talismans: Three powerful Talismans given to Urius by Somaria. When Urius revieved teh Book of Durak from Derdekea, he used the three Talismans at once to seal it where no mortal could reach it. But it turned out that the Book of Durak is needed if Hyrule is to be saved. The Three Talismans take ten years to restore their energy, and only they can brake the seal put on the Book of Durak. Link now journeys to find these Talismans in the future so he can save Hyrule.