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Princess Peach

The Damsel in Distress Fights Back ~ 10/02/01


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Peach Pinup

As a little extra, Peach has appeared in a few Action games, such as Super Mario USA (Super Mario Advance too). But, doesn't it seem as though Peach uses very un-princess like attacks?

For example, what about the Midair Float? Can a normal princess do that?!

Or the Vegetable Pick. This is a vegetable we're talking about, a vegetable! She can even pull them out solid rock and blocks!

And on top of that, there is the Peach Parasol, which when combined with her Midair Float make her very aerially inclined.

Anyway, let's see how she does. We might have overdone it a bit....

Neutral B Attack: Toad Gaurd

Horizontal B Move: Peach Bomber

Up B Attack: Peach Parasol

Down B Attack: Vegetable Pick


A 3-Shot picture with Mario and Koopa.

Midair Float

The Midair Float is a very powerful tool.

Peach Bomber

Peach Bomber: A hip attack that explodes.


Peach uses a Tennis Racket for her Smash Attack. She also uses a Golf Club and a Frying Pan.

Vegetable Pick

Vegetable Pick: You use the vegetable like an item and throw it.


Toad Gaurd: She can do that because she's the Princess, so don't worry.