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Coin Battle

A Look at the New Mode for SSBM ~ 8/10/01


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Up to now, Smash Brothers has had only two modes of play, Stock and Time.

Time: Where a time limit is chosen. If you kill an opponent you get 1 point. If you die, you lose 1 point. The on with the most points at the end of the battle wins.

Stock: Where a number of stock is chosen. When you die you lose a stock. When you have no more stock you lose. The survivor wins.

Using a new Coin System is the "Coin Battle" Mode.

Coin: Where coins are scattered when a player is hit. Players can grab scattered coins. The one with the most coins at the end of the match wins.

These are the rules for the Coin Battle Mode. Note that they are subject to change.

-Gold Coins = 10, Silver Coins = 5, Copper Coins = 1

-The amount of coins that scatter is equal to the amount of damage recieved

-When a player scatters coins he does not lose any of his own coins

-When you die, the amount of coins you have is cut in half - At the same time, those coins get scattered across the battlefield

-If you die after having over 200 coins, you will only lose up to 100

-It is possible to grab your own coins after they have scattered

-Coins are scattered in the direction in which you were hit (if an Up A attack hit you, the coins would fly upward)

As for winning and losing, I feel that both experiances will be enjoyable. That was the way this mode was designed. The whole rivalry bit makes a bit of friendly cometition, and the one who wins can feel proud. Thus it is a great mode to play with four people.

Normal modes have everyone aiming to kill their enemy. But this mode was designed for fun. It's chaotic as coins are flying everywhere, and some startegy is involved when thinking about how to grab all the coins. I think that this mode can be thoroughly enjoyed.

To tell the truth, there is another mode of play being designed. This one should appeal to maniacs. But if there is no time, this mode will be cut. Well, it's kinda a secret mode, so I can' tell you anymore.


With the Rule Modification Menu you can select the Coin Battle mode. The other items on the menu are a secret though. Here is a translation of what the menu lists:

Top Left: "Battle Game"

Top Middle: "Rule Modification Menu"

Selected Item: "Rule" - "Coin" is selected

Below Rule: "Time Limit" - "02:00" is selected

Below Time Limit: "Handicap" - "None" is selected

Below Handicap: "Blast Awayness" - "1.0 times" is selected

Below Blast Awayness: "Stage Select" - "On" is selected

Below Stage Select: "Item Switch"

Below Item Switch: Rules of Conduct

At the Very Bottom in the Box: A Description of the Selected Item - "Grab the Most Coins" is written


Coins come flying out when players are hit.


Larger characters make it easier to grab coins. Of course, larger characters are also easier to take coins from, because they're so easy to hit.


When you die coins go flying. With luck, you can get those coins back.


Choose an attack that can get you some $$$!


Or you can choose to freeload off of other's battles.