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Melee Moments

A Picture Galley of Melee ~ 5/17/01


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Because this is a big picture, it can take a bit longer to download. Also, there are some secret characters as well, so this isn't everyone.

Character Select

Smash Brothers!


Fox, the Great Fox, and the Airwings are all back.


Kirby is being shown to some authorized personnel for the first time as well. People are left wit the thought "Yup, he's round".


Link, the swordsman from Hyrule, stands as the wind blows through his hair.

Captain Falcon

The Man of Speed, Captain Falcon. Is this a new attack?

Donkey Kong

DK, or Donkey Kong, loves bananas. We designed him with more muscle this time as well.

Ice Climbers

The Iceclimbers are in the game as well. The blue one is Popo, and the Pink one is Nana.


New character: Koopa. In his hand is the Beam Sword.

Link & Redeads

This is not a new Zelda game.


Look at Mario and his firey spirit :)

Maro vs Koopa

One of Mario's attacks. Actually, it is a new move.

Melee 1

Again, you can play with four people in SSBM. (Hmm, is there one extra?)

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is now a participant too! Remember boys and girls, blasting a girl off a cliff is not allowed.


Samus gathering energy for the Charge Shot. On her right hand is the famous Gun.


Yoshi with his now detailed skin. In the background is a Detourlephant.

Mario, Goomba, Paratroopa

This is not a new Mario game.


Remember boys and girls, don't drop coins around the place, have Pokemon Battles in public areas, and fight on the streets during an F-Zero Grand Prix.

Ness and Mr. Saturn

From Earthbound, this is Ness. No, the one on the right, I tell you. The right!


Pikachu. What if I told you that the flower next to him was a Fire Flower. . . .


Sheik, one of the new characters. Juggle your enemy with her lightweight body techniques.

At last! At last! At last the time has come to unveil the new GameCube game "Super Smash Brothers Melee"! The fans have waited a long time for this, and are they ever everjoyed!

Hello, I'm the Director of Smash Brothers, and HAL employee, Masahiro Sakurai. I will be the one who will be writing this site.

This site went up on May 17, 2001 in Los Angeles, I think. (Nintendo and HAL staff members set up the site.)

On July 7, 2001, I make my first update! I intend to make this a special service on the Nintendo Homepage, but that depends on the Internet servers.

On this page, I will be showing you some of the secrets of SSBM while it is in developement. Please be patient and wait until updates come


The idea to make SSBM on the Gamecube came at E3 '99, in America. This was further confirmed on July 5th of the same year. We took the stance of "There's no new Smash Brothers" for that time because we had no idea of what the new game would even resemble because the GameCube was not ready yet. (Plus we had the Nintendo 64 Super Smash Brothers Guide web page being made at the same time anyway.)

So on this May 2001, we have staff members working on the game. There have been in and out staff members, keeping the total around 50 workers. We even had over 100 people working on the project at one time. We don't want the game to be boring, so we need the best.

I burn with passion now! SSBM has large expectations, and without a doubt, the GameCube is the future! There are many people out there working to make a little difference in the game, whether it be feedback or character ideas. This isn't a one-man project!

Of course, we are nowhere near finished, and things may change. But at least you know. Anyway, we are gonna try our best.

For now we just wait for the coming of the Home Page. Sorry for the delay, but it will be here shortly. Of course, nothing beats playing SSBM first hand.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you about the Camera Mode. After you put your characters in your favorite poses, you can zoom in, and rotate the camera and such to take pictures, like seen above.