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A Look at Everyone's Favorite Transvestite Princess ~ 10/30/01


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Sheik Pinup

One of the descendants of the Sheikah Clan, Sheik, who we've been suppressing coverage of, has the ability to turn into Zelda!

Well another way to say that would be to say that the playable character Zelda does exist. That is, only Zelda as a playable character exists, and Sheik is just one of her special skills where she transforms into her. The command is Down B. In other words, Down B switches you between Sheik and Zelda.

When she transforms, her characteristics, attacks, and special moves all completely changed to the limit. I- it's so spectacular.... And such fun those moves are! Even though there are only 3 different from each of them, the fun using the fluidity of Sheik's attacks more than makes up for it!

Her Special Moves are all written in Kanji to give her that 'Foreign Warrior' image. Even the attacks themselves are desgined to have the 'taste' of a Ninja, yet it still matches her image.

We kept telling the animators "Put your back into it!" when they were designing Sheik's motions.... Capturing the character was actually rather difficult, and we pushed the Motion Team to the limit when trying to think about how to make her.

Zelda's important preview, on the other hand, is for next time.

Neutral B Attack: Charge Needle (Shikomibari)

Horizontal B Attack: Iron Wire Dance (Tesshimai)

Up B Attack: Elude (Fushimi)

Down B Attack: Zelda Change

The T.V. commercials for SSBM are gonna start soon. But before we go into that, let's lift the veil of screcy on her. Just a little bit....

Charge Needle

The Charge Needle (Shikomibari) hit's opponenets rapidly, and is also hard to see.


Elude (Fushimi) is a Warp Attack that leaves an explosion.

2 Shot

The 2-Shot!


Marvel at Sheik's design.

Wire Dance

Use the Iron Wire Dance (Tesshimai) to elegantly force back opponents.


And finally, the Zelda Change! Again, further description of this attack is for next time....