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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain
The Obsession

A Look at the Massive Amount of Detail Put in SSBM ~ 9/01/01


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For a change of pace, we are doing a closeup on the amount of obsessionwe have for this game. Just look at all the detail!

After hearing that a game took 2 years to develope, have you ever wondered why it took so long?

Think about this: A Game where you drop an apple.

When making something just like that, we still have to program things like velocity, full speed, resistance, etc. After that, we also have to adjust things, nd balance them out to make them more realistic. On top of all that, we also have to make a model of the apple itself.

So, with that in mind, I leave you to look at the pictures. We are working on a strict timescale, so don't worry.

Hell Hawk

The red Captain Falcon mimics the character Blood Falcon. The decal on his back says Hell Hawk No. 25. (In the International Versions it will say Blood Hawk instead.)

Peach on the Great Fox

Peach's hair and skirt get blown in the wind.


While the Fireflower is not in use it sways gently.


The SuperScope has it's logo designed on properly.


Tingle and the Giant Winged Statue are included in the Great Bay's layout.


An alligator (a Claptrap) is stuck in the barrel. He's kinda in the way....


The F-Zero machines, technically from 'F-Zero X' have a renewed design.

Castle Peach

Castle Peach's specialty: The stained glass image of Princess Peach praying.