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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain
Captain Falcon

The Pilot of the Blue Falcon is Back for Some More Smashing ~ 8/14/01


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The Man of Speed, Captain Flacon arrives! This may be a little piece of old information, but in this game, all the character's moves come out a little bit faster than before - except Captain Falcon. We did this on purpose, so don't worry, but he comes off as sluggish compared to the others. But to make up for it, he has great power and moving speed, making him still a very popular character. Oh, what fun!

(Of course, being that adjustments are not done, it is uncertain whether or not these changes will be in the finished game.)

Neutral B Attack: Falcon Punch

Horizontal B Attack: Falcon Knuckle

Up B Attack: Falcon Dive

Down b Attack: Falcon Kick

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Even attacks that are pretty different from the previous game are included.


And then he runs!


Falcon Punch, with large destructive power!


"Oh, Captain Falcon! You're so cool!"


Blast away the opposition with the new attack Falcon Knuckle!


On Captain Falcon's back is a new decal! Such detail! It says 'Blue Falcon No. 7'.