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Opening Movie

An Analysis of SSBM's Intro ~ 8/31/01


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At this year's E3 SSBM got a lot of exposure, even though the game wasn't released yet. I'm here now to introduce the Opening Movie.

This year's ('01) New Years Break, I came back to the office, and no one was there. I took this oportunity to begin to draw a series of pictures. (Just because no one was there was no reason for work to stop.) Of course, these pictures were the designs for SSBM's Opening Movie.

It is our opinion to not have the Opening Movie relate directly to the game. We also feel that Nintendo Games do not need to depend on a movie.

We stick to this opinion mainly because there are many cases when the Movie has not adjusted to the ever changing game. With this warnig, at least you will have no doubts about what to think about the Movie's relevance.

Other than that, we wanted the GameCube to have a big BANG when it was released. And SSBM was the only game suited for such a task.

That is why, when the announcement of the GameCube became final, we decided to make the Movie as a little pre-showing at E3. Up untill now the Nintendo 64 is the most powerful thing that HAL has worked with. Wish us luck on our first GameCube attempt.

The same company who brought you the first SSB music were back, and we arranged the Movie to nicely match the images and music.

To make this Movie, HAL entrusted 3 (really 4) CG companies to make the movie so that it would be made on time for E3, and so progress on Melee would continue. Each company was assigned scenes to get the job done faster. The actual work took around 2 months.

It became excedingly dificult to supervise the progress and developement of the Movie because HAL's base of operations is in Yamanashi, while all the CG companies are in Tokyo. When lines became thin (when communication became too difficult by phone) we had to ride across by car or train. We had to go to Tokyo over ten times for Business Trips, and had to mail the CG companies over 100 times. (A lot of hard work for just a Movie.)

And so, we finally got the Movie done somehow.

As you now know, the Opening Movie may look simple, but a lot of work went into it.

Some people feel that as long as you have money, you can make a Movie like this. This is somewhat mistaken....

Anyway, you can see the movie that and what the ADVISOR AND SUPERVISOR did to help it. We hope that a certain Smash Brothers-ism has lived through the movie, although maybe it didn't.

The music now is fully orchestrated, but that is a topic for later....

Oh yeah, almost forgot. This is a reminder to tell you that not all the characters who make an appearance in the game will not be in the game. Don't jump to conclusions :)

Mario Transforming

Mario is transformed into his real image.

Ridley and Samus

Ridley under fire inside the Space Academy.

FMV Sheik

Sheik playing the harp lakeside.

Poke Power!

A large gathering of Pokémon.

Character Machines

Various character's machines. Guess who they belong to.


And with a Giant Explosion from a Bob-Omb, the characters turn back into Figures.