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Learn a Technique 2

A Look at Some of the New Techniques in SSBM ~ 8/02/01


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The return of the anticipated Learn a Technique is back after a week of work!


Control Stick.

B Button: Use this for Special Moves or Attacks.

Although Sheik would be next in our preview, Sheik will not be present at this years SpaceWorld because we feel that revealing everything before the game is released is pointless (this is just a fan service after all). Since this preview is for SpaceWorld, Shei will not be previewed. The fact is, all the motions and design of the characters have all been done from scratch. So we're trying our best to make things as perfect as possible. Each model has parameters it must meet, and we will try and finish this as quickly as possible. Because this is still before release, some things are bound to change, whether it be a motion, or a weapon. Wish us luck!

For your coveniance, click below to go Part 1 of this page.

Learn a Technique 1


As said before, Samus has Missiles (Horizontal B) as her new attack. Also stated before was that the Smash version was a Straight Flying Powerful Missile, while the one not the Smash Versu=ion was a Slightly Homing Weaker Missile. Knowing which one to use in a situation is an invaluable asset. In this game, Samus also gains the ability to fire the Grappling Beam in mid-air! In addition to this, if you fire it into the edge of a cliff it will surprisingly.... Samus also gains the Bomb Jump ability.


From the Bomb Jump, Low Altitude attacks are also possible, use them to set up combos!


Because of the communities complaints, Kirby has been slightly weakened in the upcoming game. How will this affecct your play? (Don't worry, all the characters have been tweaked for balance.) In this game, Kirby gains the ability to walk and jump while he has people in his mouth! Use this wisely to gain leverage over your opponents. Kirby's new weapon, Hammer (Horizontal B), is very different in mid-air and on ground, almost to the point where they are considered two seperate weapons!


On ground....


And in mid-air. Oh, how nostalgic!


Koopa Breath (Neutral B) can be heald down to make Koopa continue to breathe fire. The catch is that it gets weaker the longer you hold it out, so you have to remember to rest a bit. The Spinning Shell attack (Up B) is his return move, used as a third jump. On the ground you can control it from left to right pretty easily, and it's a pretty powerful attack.


Also, his upward and downward throws are pretty intense.

Captain Falcon:

Captain Falcon has the unique ability to do a two step Smash Attack (Hold Down the Button). Not only can he do that, but it also works when he carries items as well! The new Falcon KNuckle (Horizontal B) is a dashing lift weapon, the results in an uppercut when you make contact. In mid-air it becomes a Meteor Attack, but it should be noted that using it as one has a high risk.


With the Star Rod you can fire up to four stars at once! Of course, you can use it normally too.


Ness' new attack, the PK Flash (Neutral B), can be charged after you generate it. The longer you hold the B Button, the more power it builds up, until it explides when you release the B Button. You can also control its movement with the Control Stick. Also, Ness gains the ability to Walk the Dog, where he keeps his yo-yo out for a while. Try and find out how to use this new ability, although it's kinda obvious.


The PK Thunder Body Slam was also weakened a bit.


Fox's Blaster is actually a rare "No Reaction" attack. That means that your opponent doesn't get blasted away when they get hit. Yet it is a good attack to use when you fire on those who are careless. You can keep damaging your opponent from a distance. Also, his upward, downward, and backwards throws all have Fox fire his Blaster.


The power of the Blaster isn't very strong though.


A picture of all out combat. Hmm, we don't have a whole lot of pictures like these, do we?


Well, in that case, here's another one.