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Ice Climber

Who Says You Can't Teach Old Eskimos New Tricks? ~ 10/09/01


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Ice Climber Pinup

"Who would have ever thought they would be in SSBM?!", is probably the reaction we get when we talk about the two very much anticipated Popo and Nana.

"But why them?", is what we are asked a lot.

Well, we first had the idea of "Let's put in one of our original NES characters!", so we looked through a lot that we had. It was just a simple porcess of elimination after that.

Balloon Fight: With a balloon how would you lose? And if it did, the baloon would be kinda useless after a life.
Urban Champion: Not a lot of moves to choose from.
Clu Clu Land: How would you fight with/against this?
Excite Bike: He can't jump around and stuff. We'd have to make stuff up.

(The above is not a complete list.)

In addition to that , we also want characters to have something unique only to them, that makes them stand out from the others. We don't want characters to be too similar to each other.

Ice Climber is actually two characters that fight at the same time! One would think that this would be rather difficult, but it turned out rather well.

If you set Ice Climber to be your opponent, it can be a lot more trouble than you would think. The two attack you at the same time, so that even the most experianced players may have difficulty. You can gain good experiance by practicing on them.

Although, Ice Climber has the fatal weakness of not being able to travel well Horizontally in midair. That design change was made to be true to their game, but may prove to make them a little harder to use in a game like SSBM. (Although, it isn't something that noticable.)

On top of that, the two who make up Ice Climber are Popo and Nana, a boy-girl team. Can you call them sweethearts, or friends?

Neutral B Attack: Ice Shot

Horizontal B Attack: Tornado Hammer

Up B Attack: Rubber Jump

Down B Attack: Blizzard

Popo and Nana

The Ice Climbers! The red one is Nana nad the Blue one is Popo.

Save Her!

If one of you is in trouble, the other one must help! If not, then they will have to fight at a disadvanatage.

Ice Shot

The Ice Shot is twice as strong if both use it.


If four people play as Ice Climber, in reality, there are eight people on screen!

Rubber Jump

Ice Climber's return attack is the Rubber Jump. So high! It goes so high!

Tornado Hammer

The Tornado Hammer. If both use it, there are various advantages.