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A Preview of Nintendo's Mascot of all Mascots ~ 8/07/01


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It's a little late for our Mascot Character, but here's Mario anyway. As suspected, when we started off SSBM we began with Mario. We started with his modeling, motion, programming, sounds, effects and parameters! It all started with Mario. In a word:

Modeling: A characters actual appearance, such as form and structure.

Motion: Things like punching and jumping, things that had to be animated.

Programming: How the character is used by the player, and how the controls interact with the model.

Sound: Voices and Sound Effects.

Parameter: The balance of speed and movement between characters.

All the other characters were based on these criteria that Mario made. He has been their policy for advancement. That's how Mario turned out like this.

Neutral B Attack: Fireball

Horizontal B Attack: Super Cape

up B Attack: Super Jump Punch

Down B Attack: Mario Tornado

Click Here tp Play Mario's SSB Theme


Feel Mario's burning touch with the Fireball.


Super Jump Punch: Grab those coins!


His Side Smash Move: Flaming Palm Smash!


Mario. What do you think of his new form?


With the Super Cape you can even flip the direction of your oppenents!


With the Mario Tornado you can get a little useful rise.