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A Section for the Figures of Melee ~ 7/07/01


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Because Smash Brothers uses a mix of Nintendo Co. characters, it makes it a unique game.

But, like the variety of Mario games that have come out, it is possible that in the future, more mixed games with Nintendo Co. characters can come out! Up till now, there have been various reasons for not making one sooner.

This is because... let's just leave it at that. Why you even needed to know the above information is beyond me....

Anway, the little extra in SSBM is the "Figure Directory", where you collect 3D models of various Nintendo Co. characters. There are many methods in which you can collect them, and we tried to make it as fun as possible.

Each figure has a little bit of desciptive text to talk about the character's background. This was done in a way so that people would recognize and relate to the Figures, making the overall experiance more enjoyable. (Of course, the Director of HAL Laboratories himself wrote the character bios.)

-Even though the Figures are worthless to the game, it is still fun to collect because you recognize them

-Minor and Major characters are welcome

-There are a lot of characters that people want in SSBM, but making all of them a playable character is impossible, so at least you can see those that didn't make it in some way

That was a basic checklist that we followed while making Figures.

Despite what it seems, there is an unimaginal amount of wok put into each individual Figure. Although, because we bring back so many old Nintendo Co. characters, we feel that it is worth it. All in all, this makes SSBM even more fun. We're doing our best to keep the characters true to their originals.

By the way, the number of Figures in the game is a secret. Actually, we're going to tray and put in as many figures as we can, so wish us luck.

Appearently, some pictures have been floating around, so we would like to remind you that it is important that you know that it is a misunderstanding if you feel that figures are playable.

As a note, the theme of the figures is "imagine them fighting." Use that as a background when viewing them.

Obviously, asking for a figure of every Nintendo Co. character is unreasonable, but thinking that all the figures have some relevance to the game is not good either.


We even gave him a Smash Brothers invitation, but he will be absent because of a business trip to a Mansion.


Just to tease you, we'll zoom all the way in. Anyway, this is the Figure of a Metroid. Some people actually thought that Samus' name was 'Metroid'....


Just to let you know, the movie "Pokemon: Celebi ~Journey Through Time~ was released on July 7th, where they played a little preview of SSBM. It was a short clip, but we believe that it was to everyone's expectations.


Ah! We actually do have figures of characters from the very beginning! Them oldies get all the glory!


These Ducks served as targets in the NES Light Gun series "Duck Hunt". They would hide in the fields while your trusty dog would seek them out and bark at them. The ducks would then fly out in random directions, and it was your job to shoot them. Those you hit were dragged back to you by your dog. What's for dinner tonight?

Duck Hunt (NES)


This is the Figure Directory. The model is accompanied by a little description.


A musician from Sasurai, Totakeke will preform live on Saturday Nights in front of the Train Station. He has a laid back and calm personality. Totakeke plays all sorts of genres of music, and give a show to anyone who will listen to him play.

Animal Forest (N64)

Animal Forest (NGC)


"Wh- What's all this?!", is what you might say after seeing this picture. We might have overdone it a but.