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Donkey Kong

Nintendo's Gone Ape! ~ 9/04/01


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DK Pinup

The Powerful Jungle Force.

Loves bannanas.

Has the feared Giant Punch.

Those are just some of the words used to describe Donkey Kong. In the upcoming game, we tried to embody the essense of power into his being. That isn't to say that we designed every hair of his body. It must be noted that although the New Type (GameCube) is a powerful system, it has limits. Please, if you want to imagine Donkey Kong down to the last hair, we encourage you to use your imagination.

As said before, the new attack Donkey Headbutt will slam enemies into the ground, an almost necessary weapon for Donkey Kong in the game. We tried to have a "Kaboom Bam Bow!" impression with the move.

Neutral B Attack: Giant Punch

Horizontal B Attack: Donkey Headbutt

Up B Attack: Spinning Kong

Down B Attack: Hand Slap

Click Here to Play Donkey Kong's SSB Theme

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong: The Jungle Ape to be reckoned with.

Donkey Kong's Appeal

Some may consider Donkey Kong's Appeal to be more of a tuant... maybe.

Giant Punch

It feels good to punch someone after all that charging.

Donkey Headbutt

The new Donkey Headbutt in action.

Donkey Kong's Lifting Ability

Donkey Kong's Lifting ability is back. But, as you can see, some are not very happy about this ;)

Spinning Kong

The Spinning Kong is now a multi-hitting attack.