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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain
The Colosseum

Fight Against Your Own Score! ~ 10/12/01


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Homerun Contest

What could happen when a Sandbag and a Character get pitted together in the ring?

What Could Happen

This is Mr. Sandbag. You'll learn to hate him.

In the alloted time, you must attack Mr. Sandbag. Watch out for the edge of the platform! Whatever you do, just keep giving him more damage.


If you yourself fall off the edge, you are basically OK.

The Crack of the Bat

And then you hit him hard. Hear the crack of the bat....

The trick is to quickly give him as much damage as possible (so he will fly further), and to hit him at the last minute before your time runs out.

Measurement Failure

If you can't move Mr. Sandbag at the end of your time, it will be recorded as a 'Measurement Failure'.

Measurement Failure

One Player Mode isn't only for the regular games. Maybe it's for people who like to do everything in a game. In any case, we designed the Colosseum, where one player can fight against his own records.

It cannot be helped that these One Player games may get boring. Sure, it's a way to gain experiacne and Items, but if the player doesn't enjoy it, then we would have wasted our time.

So, we tried to design this so that it wouldn't take days to clear. The Colloseum is one of those things that is = simple and fun.

So, in the end, you will be your toughest opponent. Challenge yourself.

Break the Target

The popular minigame returns! Break the 10 Targets scattered across the arena! See who can get the best time!

Donkey Breaks the Target

Yup, you gotta have this.

This mode is also a good place to train, where you can learn you Return Attacks, and such. Utilizing all your attacks can shave an important 0.1 seconds off of your time. The fun (or exhaustion) of clearing it all is uncomparible.

Zoomed Out

When you pause you can view and study the map from afar. But this time when you pause, the time doesn't stop!

It's also fun when you compete against your friends.... Regrettably, the Board the Platform minigame, which was in the previous game, has been cut.

100 Man Spar

The Dummy Core returns, where you have to survive heroicly in their spars.

The New Dummy Core

This is what the Dummy Core looks like now: A Male and Female type.

Hold Them Off!

Whatever you do, just push them back! Push them back!

Within this mode, there are several specific rules in a Sub-Menu. There you can choose from several pre-programmed settings where you have to survive a time limit, or kill a certain amount of the Dummy Core.


This is the Sub-Menu.

10 Man Spar
100 Man Spar
3 Minute Spar
15 Minute Spar
Endless Spar
No Mercy Spar

The Battlefield

The arena is 'Battlefield'. Quite impressive.

The mode called 'No Mercy Spar', is like the title, where you get no mercy. You are pitted against the highest level computer Dummy Core in a No-Item match. Can you handle it?