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Learn a Technique 1

A Look at Some of the New Techniques in SSBM ~ 7/19/01


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"I'm goin to play Smash Brothers at Spaceworld!" That is something that a good amount of people are thinking. So because of that we will explore some of the new techniques from some of your favorite characters. Because of the limit in picture pubications, we will divide this into two parts.


Control Stick.

B Button: Use this for Special Moves or Attacks.

We feel that it is important for poeple to know some of the special moves of the characters. By now, everyone should know that by changing the direction of the Control Stick and pressing the B button, you will get different moves, upward, downward, horizontal, and neutral. Have a look at the characters up now.

That is all for now. Just look at the characters that we have up now. Until next time!

For your coveniance, click below to go Part 2 of this page.

Learn a Technique 2


Mario's new weapon, the Super Cape (Horizontal B), can reflect weapons thrown at him. Not only that, but he can even switch the direction of his opponent from left to right. Using this with your opponents Smash Attacks can be very refreshing. The return of the Fireball (Horizontal B) is a must have too!


Mario's new Mid-Air Forward A move is now a Meteor Attack. The new Mario is scary!


The new attack Rocket Headbutt (Horizontal B) is a move that can be held by continuing to press the B button. Watching your opponent's movement, and timing the release of the attack, can lead to an effective attack with good damage. The Quick Attack is now designed to do a little bit of damage.




Link's new attack, the Bow and Arrow (Neutral B) is a weapon that can be charged by holding down B. The longer you hold it, the faster and stronger the arrow becomes. Depednding on when you release the attack, the course of the arrow is different, so learn how the arrow will fly. Link's Horizontal Smash Attack has become a two step attack, where he will attack twice from one command. Link's Spin Attack (Up B) has become a better Return Attack (third jump) because it goes higher. (This change is not final).


The Spin Attack is also a multi-hitting attack. But it's really hard to hit someone with all of it.

Donkey Kong:

The Donkey Headbutt (Horizontal B) actually smashes opponents INTO the ground, where they are stuck for a while. Use this ability as a leverature. The only exception is that this does not work on opponents in mid-air. But in mid-air it has it's own benefits. The lifting ability is back again, where you can now throw people full force forward.


When trapped in the ground, get out as fast as possible!


Peach has the ability of Mid-Air Floating (Hold down Jump Button). For a limitied time she will hover in mid-air. Also, her Peach Parasol (Up B) lets her float slowly and gently down to the ground. With these two abilities, Peach has the furthest jump, or the best chance of coming back after being blasted away, whichever you like.


Peach's Mid-Air Floating ability is from Mario USA.


Yoshi's new attack is the Rumble Tumble Egg (Horizontal Egg). It's a type of body slam attack where Yoshi goes in his egg. If you understand how Kirby's Wheely power works, then you should be off on the right start. It's a powerful attack, but you need to watch out for self destructing. Also, Yoshi still does not have a Return Move (third jump). There were many reasons behinde this, but it works out well in the end.


Yoshi has a powerful mid-air jump.

Ice Climbers:

Nana is attached to Popo's back, and the can both attack seperately. Theit Return Attack (third jump) is the Rubber Jump (up B), but it only works if Nana is close by to Popo. Because Nana can die on her own, it is important to make sure you protect her.


Thie is the Rubber Jump: Nana is thrown, and using the momentum of the rubber, she hits opponents with force. It is a Return Attack.