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The Main Character from 'Star Fox' is Back for SSBM ~ 7/07/01


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This is Fox's profile for the upcoming game. Why Mario isn't the first one is still a mystery. In the upcoming game everyone has a new attack, preformed with the "Horizontal B" command. Whether it is too hard to use or not, we will just have to wait and see. (Probaly it is.) So, everyone has a new attack, Fox is no exception, his being the High Speed Movement Weapon "Fox Illusion". Don't worry, old favorites are back, and his "Blaster" move is back, a little bit more flashy than before.

Neutral B Attack: Blaster

Horizontal B Attack: Fox Illusion

Up B Attack: Fire Fox

Down B Attack: Reflector

Click Here to Play Fox's SSBM Theme

Click Here to Play Fox's SSB Theme

This time, the Blaster is a rare

Fox's Reflector.


This time around, Fox's Blaster is a rare "No Reaction" weapon.


Fox firing his blaster... diagonaly?!


The Fire Fox move. As it stands, it's a little stronger this time.


Fox's Stance.


The new Fox Illusion. As for what it really does....