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SpaceWorld Melee Report 2

A Report From SpaceWorld Featuring SSBM ~ 8/25/01


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On august 25, 2001, the Nintendo SpaceWorld expo opened up to the public, along with the Smash Brothers Premium Fight. That is what I'm here to report about today.

Appearently, around 5000 people had lined up outside to wait for the opening, and many people came to the Smash Brothers booth. The opening was a very bustling 30 minutes.

Whenever a customer approached a staff member, we were greeted with a "Smash Brothers Melee is awesome!". We enjoy the support from the customer, and look forward to their feedback as we develope the game.

The video presentation tha we had prepared was displayed on large monitors, as many people gathered around to watch.

So for the most part, the Smash Brothers booth was packed. And here is where we talk about the much anticipated (although not much time has passed) Smash Brothers Premium Fight.

Firstly, you had to line up and wait your turn to play. If you beat one round, you got to go on to the second, and if you beat that, you got to go to the 3rd round, and the preliminaries. There, you were part of the deciding factor in choosing the arena.

In the finals you couldn't choose the arena. They were preassigned in the morning and afternoon.

The most used characters were Kirby, Link, Mario, and Captain Falcon. Kirby mostly.

This was a good oppurtunity to recieve a lot of feedback and monitor results when watching people play. From here,we can make further adjustments (but we don't want to change too much stuff).

In the end, we got to know a few of our customers, something that I am grateful for, and have enough to work with for a while.

I return to HAL Laboratories (Yamanashi) to return to work. I want to go straight into my work so I don't forget anything.

Well, I got to see SpaceWorld, and I hope that we can make SSBM better. Whether we change everything is yet to be seen. . . .


We stayed up all night rehearsing for today. Good job all you staff members!


The test stations. Look at the character banners.

30 Minute Crowd

30 minutes with a crowd like this after opening.


So much work put into the video presentation. So much expectations!


The maximum amount of people that could wait in line.


All I can see are people....


Although unrelated to SSBM, the Kirby Event went smoothly. What a relief!


And so, the Premium Fight starts up. People are standing and sitting everywhere.

Premium Fight

Deciding a level....

GameCube Get

And the winner (a Mario player) won a GameCube!