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  Welcome To Zethar -II's Domain

Introducing - Super Smash Bros Melee!


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Young Link
Posted: January 22, 2002,

This is just a bit about the American Version of SSBM....

In the Japanese Version, Topi (the seal), is different in design than the American Versiob. (It has the same design as the Disk System Ice Climber one.)

Another thing, is the Sensor Bomb is from Perfect Dark in the Japanese Version, while the American Version is from some other game.

There appearently reasons for the changes, but you can't see them just by using the Language Switch.

Here is today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Music Staff Symposium NOT UP YET
Posted: January 18, 2002,

Fans of Music, fans of Long Text, and fans of seeing SSBM in Developement will like today's update.

Today's Preview is also a bit different than the others, because it has has round-table discussions being written. Please keep an open mind.

Here is today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: January 15, 2002,

So this makes nine out of the eleven Secret Characters. The Fists of Smash Brothers Report will be coming to a close soon....

Also, there's a Store Front Tournament coming up, so go to Nintendo's Homepage for more information.
This is in Japan, so don't worry about it.

Here is today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

The Pokemon Corps NOT UP YET
Posted: January 8, 2002,

After the Winter Break I checked out our The Contribution collomn, and found that we had a whole lot of submissions.

So I am right now trying to write up another Fists of Questionnaire Collection. Just reading the submissions takes a while,, but I will finish reading them all!

Here is today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: January 8, 2002,

A pair of Mews makes a "Mew Two".
Forgive me, I'm still readjusting from New Years....

Here is today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Special Stages NOT UP YET
Posted: January 4, 2002,

Today's preview is on Special Stages. They are harder to unlock when compared to the other Secret Stages, but of course that is because they are special.

And the joy that comes form unlocking them is also special. It is also special that you can unlock more than one at a time....

Here is today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Falco & Dr. Mario
Posted: January 1, 2002,


Anyway, today as a special gift I'll give you a double update!

Me? I'm on vacation. This was just udated using a timer.

Here are today's previews: Falco & Dr. Mario
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Techniques of Play NOT UP YET
Posted: December 28, 2001,

Oops! I didn't translate what he said in time, so they changed the message! Sorry....

Here's todays' preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: December 25, 2001,

Merry Christmas All!

Phew, it's been 4 months and 23 days, but we're finally at Christmas for Zethar-II's Domain!

Hmm, I should have some sort of Christmas themed picture here....

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: December 25, 2001,

For those who have a very clear image of Purin in the last game, serious gamers didn't want to use her, or fight her.

We're not saying that her character is completely different, but be careful for some rather important details that have been changed.

Here's today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Regular Campaign: All Star NOT UP YET
Posted: December 21, 2001,

In the past update on Pichu we did not tell you how to get him through the Common Play method. That is because we are waiting until we do the Secret Event War update. That will definitely be on 1/21/01.

But, those who know how to get Pichi already probably found out a long time ago anyway....

Here's today's previews.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: December 18, 2001,

This is a terrible emergency situation! Yesterday I posted the Attack Reflection Ratio from Reflector attacks, but I found out that the Parameters I wrote were Dummy Data, so they weren't actually used in the game! So forget all the values I told you!

The real Ratio is that all Reflector Attacks reflect them at 1.5 Times their original strength. Again, I am very sorry for the disturbance!

Here's today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Secret Dorsal Stages NOT UP YET
Posted: December 14, 2001,

Why am I so busy? The end of the year is supposed to be a time for rest! I'll rest all I want!anterior

Here's today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: December 11, 2001,

Even if we had just kept the Alternate Model Characters as being temporary, and had cut all of them from the game, I don't think we could have made a fresh new Character.

Although you probably have no idea about what I'm talking about.

Here's today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Item Details
Posted: December 7, 2001,

In the "Fists of Questionaire Totals" on the "Fists of Smash Brothers Report" page has been recieving subjects on Characters not yet released to the public.

So trying to submit something that tells people how to unlock Secret Characters just troubles us.

Here's today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: December 4, 2001,

Complimentary text:

Marveloud Combination:

  • First Attack: Middle
  • Second Attacp: Up, Down
  • Third Attack: Up, Middle, Down
  • Fourth Attack: Up, Middle, Down

To do those attacks, press Up on the Control Stick to do the Upward Part, and Down on the Control Stick to do the Donward Parts, and so on.

Even if you try to do them one after another it doesn't work that way. You have to wait for the first part of the attack to finish for you to go on to the next part. Depending on how quickly you imput the command then will determine how open to attacks you are.

Here's today's preview.
The picture.

Posted by: Zethar-II

The Ever Polite Options
Posted: November 30, 2001,

Because of the sheer volume of today's preview, I don't want to go into Secrets or Figures or something, or it might overwhelm you.

Just get used to the other characters and have fun. In good time I will reveal the Secrets. I feel that this way is the best.

But then again, everyone thinks differently....

The real purpose of this is to hide some of the Secrets or it could just overwhelm or confuse if it was all shown at once.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Posted: November 27, 2001,

Well, now is about a good time to start the Secret Character previews. (This picture, and will constantly be changing as well.) The order in which these previews are going is somewhat random, so if you really want to get the Characters yourself, don't read.

And, when all the Secret Characters are done, the Fists of Smash Brothers report is going to close.

Posted by: Zethar-II

I Command you to Record!
Posted: November 22, 2001,

Well, for a first day of release, it wasn't uncommon for stores to be sold out of SSBM already.

But don't worry, you still have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to fight! After that, we're breaking into the Christmas Season.

Here's today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Melee Releases
Posted: November 20, 2001,

Finally, Melee was released! (People who wanted it, did you succesfully get your hands on a copy?) Well, I don't have a topic for you today, I will update in the normal time, but for now that picture that was sephia all this time is now in color.

In Regular Campaign: Simple and Regular Campaign: Adventure you will recieve different Figures of the character you beat it with.

In Simple, you will get a Recreation of the Character's Original Production Model. Adventure will give you a simple SSBM Smash Model to enjoy.

Note, you can also get these Figures outside of the Single Player Games.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Menu Analysis
Posted: November 19, 2001,

SSBM is made with many ways to play, with many values, and many circumstances to remember when fighting.

Some people may think that there are an infinite amount of the above, and as such, there are many fun things, but many boring things as well. For example, at times when the difference between Fast and Slow Characters is too extreme, it becomes just difficult to play as them. That's a negative. The popularity of the Characters helped with the game. That's a positive. So there is probably going to be elements that appeal to some, and are really boring for others. (Some people wanted things to be almost identical to each character's game, but I guess that's another thing that depends on the person.)

For people who feel that this is just a method of getting rid of an advantage of theirs will see this as a game full of faults, while people who can look forward with open eyes will see this as a game with much charm.

Some people thought that the previous game was "A chilling experiance in the views of those who did not enjoy the game". Some people told us that, and if you think about it, that is pretty true.

SSBM is now made with the idea "Players will enjoy the different parts of the game they want". It's like we're offering you a whole playground to work with.

The amount of enjoyment a player gets out of SSBM will depend on their preferences, and how they think.

So give the game plenty of testing to see whether you like it or not. Well, that goes for any game for that matter....

Play the games that match your taste.

Here's today's preview.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Adventure Mode
Posted: November 16, 2001,

I was just presented with the Memory Card by some of my staff members.

Without telling anyone I took the Memory Card and got good at making Snapshots. I then copied the picture data on the Memory Card and gave it back before they even noticed.

Today's preview is about that mode.

Posted by: Zethar-II

Working on It
Posted: November 9, 2001,

Never fear! I'm working on cleaning this place up! See, it looks better already. Now I just need to make a banner....

Posted by: Zethar-II

Double Update
Posted: November 9, 2001

SSBM creeps nearer and nearer to the release date. And still there aren't any conclusions on the extras of the game.

As such, we'll have a two-in-one update today!

Posted by: Zethar-II

Master Up!
Posted: November 9, 2001

Ever wondered what a Master Up was? Well, even if you didn't, here's a little read about what it is, and what it means to SSBM!

Posted by: Zethar-II


This page is a direct and literal translation of the page written by Masahiro Sakurai on Nintendo's Website (here). If termsite such as 'I', 'we', or 'me' come up, it does not reflect the ideas of Zethar-II, but of Mr. Sakurai.


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