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NOJ's Page on the Big Show in Japan ~ 8/23/01


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Filled With Fun Modes of Play!

In SSBM, there are three modes, "One Player", "Battle Mode", and "Figure". In the One Player mode, there is the new sidescrolling "Adventure Mode" that you can play. In Battle Mode, there is the new "Coin Battle" rules, where you try to grab the most coins in a battle. And using the coins gathered in the Coin Battles, you can buy Figures of your favorite Nintendo characters.

Kirby vs Ness

Character Select

Luigi Trophy

SSB Logo

Melee 4

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Garb the Control Stick, and Blast Away Your Enemies!

Nintendo is proud of their highly anticipated game "Super Smash Brothers Melee". In the game, you give your opponenets damage, and blast them away. But the way that we have designed the controller, makes it a very comfortable experiance. Using the Control Stick you can run aand jump with ease. The button configuration is also in the best way possible. When you finally get the game to play with three friends, it's like a "Dream Come True".

Melee 1

P & W

Two Lizards

Melee 2


Falcon Knuckle!

Melee 3

Mario Fireball

Emergency Evade

Fist Icon

Because the characters, items, and such have all become smaller, you could get blasted away when you're distracted by how amazing the game is, and how much space you have.

Check it Out: New Characters Too!

At this time, Peach, Bowser, and the Ice Climbers are the three known new characters. Without us realizing it, they have developed movement and attacks that have a certain "familiarness" that gamers will recognize, making it all the more fun. But don't worry, these three aren't the only new characters.

Toad Shield

Body Press

Rubber Jump