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Everyone's Favorite Marshmallow is Back for Some Action ~ 8/21/01


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Kirby's Pinup

Through some chain of events, the decision to make a Kirby Anime was made. In addition to that, here's when it airs:

CBS/TBS Nationwide 26 Bureau Net

10/6 (Sat) 7:30 AM

To tell the truth, in addition to surpervising SSBM, I was also made to supervise the upcoming Anime. Although, planning for the Anime did start in the beginning of 2000, so it should be suitably long. For some variety in the conversation, some of the developement for this site has wavered because the staff's assignments to the upcoming Anime.

"Kirby's Dreamland" what I worked on when I first came to HAL, serving the Director really close. I was 19 at the time.

At the time where the Nintendo Consoles were new, it was important that we designed Kirby right. We had to make sure it was a game that everyone would want to play. So from there we just made eyes, a mouth, hands and legs, so at the present time, Kirby's design resembles a dot.

The next Kirby game was "Kirby's Dreamland: Spring of Dreams", where we added the Copy Ability. This was done to give more experianced players something to work with. Somehow, with just Kirby's Suction and Flight Abilities, it was for beginners. Yet with the new Ability it got upgraded for even the more maniacle players, where you try and keep track of all of Kirby's colorful Copied Powers.

Kirby has one of those "Kiddy" images. But games like "Kirby Super Star" and "Super Smash Brothers", we help lift that image.

With Kirby's quick thrusts, and other attacks, he is a player that beginners and experts can enjoy to play. This important fact remains even now in SSBM. Of course, like all characters, Kirby sacrificed some abilities when being put into the SSB universe. Although Kirby's flight is now limited when compared to his older games, it can still be fun learning new techniques and such using this as an advantage.

Well, these are my thoughts. Whether they really match up with the thoughts of Nintendo Co. is still a mystery though....

By the way, Kirby becomes 10 years old next year. Oh, how the years fly! Oops! I guess I talked to much. Now to get all those pics up....

Neutral B Attack: Vacuum

Horizontal B Attack: Hammer

Up B Attack: Final Cutter

Down B Attack: Stone

Kirby's Final Cutter

The Final Cutter, a 3 hit attack.

Kirby's  Appeal

Yup, Kirby is definitely round.

Kirby and the Star Rod

Um.... The Star Rod is Dreamland's most sacred treasure.... Don't Break it!

Kirby's Stone Drop

This time the Stone attack has various patterns.

Kirby's Hammer

New Attack: Hammer. In mid-air it does a proper 360 Degrees spin.

Kirby Copying ???????

Kirby Copying ?????

Kirby Copying ???

Kirby Copying ??? ????????

Now here is the question boys and girls. Which characters is Kirby copying in the above 4 pictures?