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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain

He's Better than Barney, Make way for Nintendo's Famous Dinosaur! ~ 10/23/01


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Yoshi Pinup

Since the previous game, Yoshi is now designed to be a character for Beginners and Experts. This may prove to be an annoyance for gamers who were used to the old Yoshi, but the process of returning to the arena after you are blasted off is actually rather difficult now compared to the previous game.

First you have to hold the Control Stick in the Direction you want to go after you are hit. Then you have to do your Second Jump. And to top it off, you sometimes need to use your Return Attack, a concept that can be overwhelming for a beginner.

But then again, not knowing about the Second Jump can make the game less enjoyable...

So this is where Yoshi steps in. His second Jump has been perfected; maxed out in height and efficiency, but he has no Return Attack to even it out. So for those who are not used to having a Return Attack should learn to use Yoshi first. (Although it might make learning how to use the Return Attack later with other characters a bit more difficult later on.)

On the other hand, thinking that he is a beginners only character is also a mistake. The lack of a return attack can also makes things more challenging, and overall Yoshi has a set of unique attacks that experts as well as beginners can feel comfortable with.

It would be a disaster to see everyone really good at Yoshi. So anyway, he's a character for Beginners and Experts. Toodles!

Neutral B Attack: Egg Lay

Horizontal B Attack: Rumble Tumble Egg

Up B Attack: Egg Throw

Down B Attack: Hip Drop

Super Smah Brothers has finally come to the Debugging stage of developement. We've come this far, and SSBM is just over the horizon. (Although we're still trying to see if we need to add or cut things.)

Debugging is where we review the game, and try to get all the bugs, or mistakes, out of the game. We get (or pray we get) all the fatal bugs out before it hits stores.

Nevertheless, with a game with this much complexity, we have no time to sit back and admire our handywork. Back to work!

A Yoshi Rainbow

Yoshi runs. Whoah!

Yoshi can throw!

Egg Throw. Please ignore the strange creature in the background.

The Rumble Tumble Egg

Today's special attraction, the Rumble Tumble Egg. Rolling at high speeds and bursting out is so refreshing.

Yoshi Hip Drop

Hip Drop. Though he may seem vulnerable, it's hard to attack Yoshi. Those stars can hurt you too!

Be careful not to be in the egg!

Egg Lay. Yoshi lays his opponent right off the cliff! A death trap for characters who fall fast.

Be careful not to be in the egg!

He's actually biting them in his mouth! This is his Grab Attack.