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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain

A Look at Everyone's Favorite Hero of Time ~ 9/18/01


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Link's Pinup

At SpaceWorld the next generation of "The Legend of Zelda" was announced. This Link however, still uses the Nintendo 64 design Link. (The new Link is interesting... should we change the SSBM version?) But for now Link is how we interpret him.

Anyway, we feel that he is a pleasant character at the least. His abundance of firearms gives him a lot of flexibility for players, and the overall feel of the character is good.

Link has a lot of armaments, so his speed and jumping are low. But is this enough of a handicap?

Neutral B Attack: Bow and Arrow

Horizontal B Attack: Boomerang

Up B Attack: Spin Attack

Down B Attack: Bomb

NOTE: Since 8/17/01 (when we previewed the Basic Operations) the control scheme for SSBM has changed slightly. This change wasn't in effect during SpaceWorld because, after all, the preview was so players would unerstand how to play on the GameCube. The changes current layout is:

R Button: Shield (same as L)

L Button: Shield (same as R)

Z Button: Throwing, etc. (same as R+A)

D-Pad Up: Taunt/Appeal

Link Posing

This is Link. Link! Link!!!

Link & Bombs

The Bombs are used like items, where you pull them out and throw them.

Link & Bow and Arrow

The new attack Bow and Arrow. When you release the B button it fires.

Link & Tingle

Link and Tingle smile for the camera.

Spin Attack

The Spin Attack now raises Link higer, and gives opponents multiple hits.


You an actually grab onto ledges with an Aerial Hookshot to return back to land.