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Special Mode

Don't get bored, Mix it up! ~ 19/10/01


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If you have too many people to try and play the 1-Player Colosseum mode, then do we have something for you! We now have a preview of the Multiplayer Special Mode! It's like the Colosseum (Special Modes of Play), but you aren't limited to only one player.

Basically, it's a Little Extra Multiplayer Mode.

You select your Game Mode, Character, and Stage like normal before you play.



Feast your eyes on the crazyness of this mode!

Camera Mode

Use the 4th Player controller to move the camera, and see your characters in your favorite poses!

Camera Mode

Well, we say favorite poses, but there are restrictions on how you can move them...

Well, this mode is a little bit different than the others. Let's move on now.

Vitality Match

One of the unique things to Smash Brothers is the way we accumulate damage, rather than deplete it. But in this mode everything changes. We have changed the damage to represent the vitality of a character which must is depleted when you fight.

The established amount of Hit Points you have is reduced when you recieve damage. At the end of the round, the player with Hit Points left is the winner. The distance you get blasted does is not affected by the amount of Hit Points you have. Like always, if you fall off the edge and such, you will automatically K.O.

Vitality (HP) Mode

Wow! It's just like a normal fighting game!

With this mode, you begin to wonder things about Smash Brothers. Like what it's stance is and stuff. Well, we didn't want to make it too 'Fighting Game-ish', so the Result Screen was cut in this mode. Anyways, it's a fresh, different way to have fun.

Super Sudden Death

The Sudden Death is where you start off with 300% Damage. But this mode actually has you always start with 300% Damage! People flying everywhere!

Super Sudden Death Mode

Just look at them fly!

Big Melee

In this mode all characters fight while turned gigantic! While giant, your attack and defense goes way up. If you get a Super Mushroom you will become even bigger!


Grr! Argh!

Tiny Mode

You fight in a battle where everyone is turned small! The levels may seem a little too big like this....

Tiny Mode

When you are small, your voices become higher

When you are big or small, your Special attacks can be unaffected by the size change, be changed by the size change, or be only aesthetically affected by the size change.

Just think of it as each thing changes in it's own way.

No Peeking Mode

One of the new items in SSBM is the Cloaking Device. (You fans don't need to tell us which game that comes from.)

Basically, it's an item that turns you invisible. It'll cover your character's figure. In the 'No Peeking Mode' you're always going to use the characters when they are hard to see.

Invisible Mode

Who are the two in this picture?

Think of this as the coming future.... Although maybe just thinking about the process of making this mode isn't enough to make it good. It's genius I tell you....

Fixed Camera Mode

You battle without having the Camera zoom in or out. For those of you who had a problem with the moving camera (or those who just get carsick watching it) this is a good mode to utilize.

Fixed Camera Mode
The drawback is that the characters look the size of a bean.

This might be one of those things we were forced to think 'how it should be'.

The characters being blasted far. The camera zooming out to the max. The process of using techniqes to capture dynamic movementsis actually rather hard.

1 Button Melee

A battle where you are only alowed to use the A Button. Don't think that this doesn't mean anything. We can see just how well these so called Experts and Beginners defend themselves in a situation like this.

One Button Mode

Of course, with a picture you can't really tell....

To jump you can only use the Control Stick.

Quick Mode

You can enjoy a game where you move faster than normal. A little extra challenge for those bored of normal games.

Quick Mode

As I said, you can't tell with a picture!

When you are sped up, the Operation of the Control stick for Smash Attacks is also quickened.

Slow Mode

Opposite of the above, this is where you fight extremely slow. Time rolls gently forward, so elderly gamers should be OK! People who just want to have fun are OK! Just looking at characters is OK! Beginners should be OK! No need for a picture!

Well, anyways, it seems that we can all enjoy the fun of seeing all this. So this is the Slow Mode.


Since these Special Mode games are, well, specialized, the Match Results will not be shown. (Plus if we had complaints about the Super Sudden Death and the normal game haveing too similar results it would be a problem for us.)

What is a Match Result you ask? Well, that's for another time....

With the exception of the Vitality Match, you can pick and choose your game modes like normal. For instance, how about a Supper Sudden Death Coin Battle? Or a 1 Button Melee with only gun/shooting Items turned on. (But you can't drop the item even when you run out of ammo....)

Just work with the Special Mode and you should be able to enjoy it thoroughly.... Most likely....


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