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A Look at Some of the Arenas of SSBM ~ 7/13/01


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In SSBM the Stages that you fight in are one of the many pleasantries. In the Smash Brothers series, the Stages are smaller versions of various areas themed after popular Nintendo Co. games. With the music, it's like you are reliving the game again.

(The music in SSBM is almost too good. It's like a crime.)

(Of course, that's all I will reveal about the music.)

Isn't it exciting to just think about those old games being reincarnated in SSBM?

Making the levels was really hard on our designers. There were som many rules that they had to follow, that they really had a hard time. Enough to make them sour.

Do not Impare the Visibility of the Character: Because the characters are small in SSBM, having bright colors in the background that would make it hard to see the character are not allowed.

Make Sure that the Floor is Well Defined: The floors that a person can walk on should be designed to be thick, while those areas that you can not walk on should be designed to be thin. This is important because the difference is a matter of life or death for the characters. The players shouldn't have a hard time telling the difference.

Make sure that the camera can pan Left to Right 80 Degrees, Up 45 Degrees, and Down 40 Degrees: Because there is the addition o a Camera Mode, we do not want the player to pan to the right, to discover that nothing is designed. The more that is designed, the better.

Make Sure that the Stage is Faithful to the Original: If a player can not recognize a level because it was designed with too much liberty, then that would cause a lot of problems. Try to make everything about the Stage have some connection to the game it is themed after.

Make Sure that the Contrast between Surface Colors is Balanced: We have to have a balance of colors so that players know the contrast in the surface. Some areas are better lighter, while others darker. There has to be a total balnce.

The above is some examples of what the designers had to follow.

Although this was is a 3D game, we designed everthing from teh background, to even things on the same platform as you although that was the hardest to design). But, because this is only a Side View type of game, a lot of the detail is overlooked.

For the background, we tried to get them to have the highest quality possible. The coloring was very important as well. Although this may be overlooked as well. Nevertheless, we're trying our best to desgin the best Stages possible.

Also, 1 Game can have 2 Stages themed after it! How many stages will there be in the final form? Well, that is a secret, of course. I think it's time to go now, bye!


Castle Peach. This time we're not floating above it.


The Kongo Jungle, with a large waterfall and a loghouse.


Dreamland's Spring of Dreams! Oh, fantastic! But these kinds of levels get boring to look at after a while....

Although all the Stages are powered up, we might have gotten a little carried awy with Mute City. It might be a little too fast paced.


Mute City takes place DURING and F-Zero Grand Prix! The cars come flying about, making it an exciting match! Destroyinh the cars is also possible.


This is Icicle Mountain, the Ice Climbers' stage. Of course, it keeps on scrolling.


From Earthbound, the city of Onett makes an appearance. To make up for not having anywhere to fall, cars go driving by.