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Zethar-II's and ValorXII's Domain
Princess Zelda

Princess of Hyrule by Day, Secret Transevestite Ninja By Night ~ 11/06/01


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Zelda Pinup

Sheik actually transforms into Zelda! Well, actually, Zelda tranforms into Sheik.

On the Character Select screen, it is "Zelda" that you choose, meaning that Sheik is just one of Zelda's attacks. Although, they seem like two very distinct characters....

With speed, but the lightness that makes Sheik easy to blast away, as opposed to Zelda, with low speed and her explosive magic attacks. Depending on your state of war, select the best one to fight as. As it would turn out, both have the weakness of being lightweight.

Oh yeah, and I just have to say this. "Zelda" is the Princess from "The Legend of Zelda" series. Please do nit make the mistake of thinking that "Link's" name was Zelda.

Neutral B Attack: Nayru's Love

Horizontal B Attack: Din's Fire

Up B Attack: Farore's Wind

Down B Attack: Sheik Change

The it seems that the time to reveal the Hidden Characters is approaching....

But just to tell you, I hate it when secrets are revealed early on. So for those who want the extra fun of finding the HIdden Characters out yourself are advised to stay away from game sites, with the exception of this one. (This site wont reveal them until after the game is released.)

Through the Debuggin and such, and the hundreds of people who ask us, we have never once told any of the Hidden Characters. Which, in actuality, is a rather difficult job.

So we give thanks to all those people who listen to this, and all the employees who have kept up this well.

Nayl's Love

Nayru's Love has the effect of a Reflector, as well as it's shards damaging anyone in the imediate vicinity.

Floru's Wind

Because Farore's Wind uses such powerful magic it transports Zelda greater distances when compared to any other Teleport Attack.


When using Din's Fire you operate a small ball of flame. When you release the button it explodes.

Vail of Secrecy

Finally! Zelda's secret vail has been lifted!


Many of Zelda's attacks have been strengthened through magic.


And finally the Sheik Change, covered in last weeks update.