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Hello, this is Sakurai.

About the Orchestra Concert, we sent out
notifications to about all of the valid candidates.
We thank you for all of your applications.
Come opening day, we will work hard! Wish us luck!

Toy's "R" Us will be holding a national Melee Event.
For more information go to the
Toys "R" Us Home Page.

There, the Secret Figures
"Cape Mario + Yoshi" and
"Samus without her Mask" will be distributed.
These Figures cannot be obtained through the game itself.
They have even been excluded from the conditions for "You Got All Figures".
They are just that much of a secret!
(But they still have Descriptive Text like the other ones!)

It should also be noted that the Secret Figures
are not a prize to be won, but are given to all participants.
So by all means, please join in!

Secret Figure

Camera Mode Contest Results Announcement

Orchestra Concert Exhibition


Little Extra