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Lavel S

Secret Figure

In truth, there are 3 figures that absolutely can not
be obtained just from playing through
Smash Brothers DX.

The first one is Captain Olimar.
You can get him if you have Pikmin
data saved in your Memory Card.

But there exists Secret Figures that normally
can not be unlocked under any circumstances.
(This was actually a very well kept secret....)

The first one! Cape Mario + Yoshi

This is a reproduction of Mario, wearing
his Yellow Cape, and riding Yoshi;
a scene familiar in Super Mario World (or Super Mario Advance 2).

Normally, this sort of Figure would get an "Official Mario"
touch to it, but this one, be it Mario himself,
the cape, and Yoshi, all have a SBDX touch to it.
"What if you could ride Yoshi in game....)
Is a type of feeling envoked by looking at this Figure.

The second one! Samus without her Mask

This is Samus, where she took off her mask, just like the endings of Metroid.
We feel that many people have their own interpretation of what Samus' features are like.
We advise you not to expect her to look like you think she would.
With that said, we also must point out that she isn't based off of any Cartoons or Celebrities.

Of course, there is no Samus without Anything on.
There will also be no Samus in the Process of Taking Everything Off.

To get your hands on these Figures,
it is necessary that you go to a place where they have the
distribution software with your Memory Card in hand.
Then have a person there write in the additional save data.

When you do this, you will of course get the 2 Secret Figures,
but you will also get Captain Olimar too.

The distribution is not just at any old place.
Thus, the Fists of Smash Brothers Report will be
announcing opportunities to get ahold of them in chronological order.
The first one will be the Toys "R" Us event.

Because all you need to do is just get some Save Data, the effects are immediate!
You should all remember to go and get the Secret Trophies!

- 15/15 -