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2001.12.18 Update

The Reigning Emperor, Ganondorf arrives! Ganondorf is the humanoid form of the final boss in The Legend of Zelda series. He made his debut in The Ocarina of Time.

Actually, Ganondorf is a Lucky Character. He was never really planned on being included in SSBM, but due to various conveniant events he was put in. (His furnished Model, his defined characteristics, and his Balance being the same as Captain Falcon, were all done because of his popularity.)

When you use him you'll understand, but Ganondorf is very slow and heavy feeling. But in its place, Ganondorf is very powerful and is hard to knock off the edge, armed with the power of Ganondorf and the Special Moves of Captain Falcon.

Unlocking Method:
Clear Event War 29: Triforce Gathering. Alternatively, play over 600 Rounds in Versus.

Ganondorf's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move

_Demon Fist (Majinken)

Horizontal Special Move

_Earth Dragon Fist (Chiryuuken)

Up Special Move

_Lightning God Palm (Raijinshyou)

Down Special Move

_Tearing Ogre Kick (Rekkikyaku)