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2001.9.4 Update

He's the King of the Jungle, he loves bananas, and he has the dreaded Giant Punch!

As you can see, we've added to Donkey Kong's look. Well, we didn't make every strand of hair though....

Is it just human nature to think that the New Systems (like the GameCube) can do anything?! That idea is an illusion, and understand that to design every single hair someone actually has to go in and make each one!

Like mentioned before, the Donkey Headbutt rams opponents into the ground. It possesses a certain Cartoon feel.

[These Screenshots are during developement]

Donkey Kong's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move

_Giant Punch

Horizontal Special Move

_Donkey Headbutt

Up Special Move

_Spinning Kong

Down Special Move

_Hand Slap