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2001.7.24 Update

Hmm, I guess we need to start on the new characters soon. Well, then here's Koopa!

Stomping with his body weight several times that of a normal character, Koopa is one of those 'Bronze over Brains' characters. Koopa was also one of the two characters (by an overwhelming number of votes) who were most wanted to be in SSBM who weren't in the first game.

Balancing this guy was also really tough. We first decided to bring out his characteristics. He has strong attacks. He has a strong defense. He is hard to blast away. He's the strongest character in existance!

In the end we managed to make him balance out rather well. All that work kind of makes my head hurt. But it's all worth it, because at least for now, things like the Koopa Breath have a good feel to them.

[These Screenshots were taken during developement]

Koopa is often thought of as being strongest character in existance. Yet, we would have to obviously weaken some Characters who are too strong to begin with by reputation.

Koopa's Special Moves

Neutral Special Moves

_Koopa Breath

Horizontal Special move


Up Special Move

_Spinning Shell

Down Special Move

_Koopa Breath