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2002.1.1 Update

Falco makes his debut as Fox's Alternate Model Character. As Team StarFox's shortstop, Falco has an oblique style.

Like Fox is known for his speed, Falco is Number One in jumping ability. This is especially noticeable when you are trying to Return from beneath the Stage.

While Fox's Blaster was designed as being No Reaction, Falco's does make the enemy flinch. Basically, it is like using the Blaster from the previous game.

Another way of looking at it is: because Falco is in the game, we don't need to make Fox's Blaster have a Reaction. This was a bold adjustment.

Because of Falco's tall stature, he has a longer Reach than Fox. There aren't many attacks that can match his Reach. Other than that, Falco has had various adjustments to his attacks.

Which is stronger, Fox or Falco?

Unlocking Method:
Survive 100 Man Spar. Alternatively, play over 300 Rounds in Versus.

Falco's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move


Horizontal S[ecial Move

_Falco Vision

Up Special Move

_Fire Bird

Down Special Move