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2002.1.1 Update

In Dr. Mario's case, the thing that makes him different from other Alternate Model Characters is that he isn't different.

In SSBM we made it so that every Character has some unique ability that only they can do - and this goes for the Alternate Model Characters too.

Although an Alternate Model uses the same Motion and Special Moves of their base Character, there are still some differences. Everything may not change, but each Character has their own individual quirks, making it so that playing as any Character is a unique experiance.

But because Dr. Mario is the very same person as Mario, we can't just say that by changing a costume he suddenly runs twice as fast, or jumps half as high.

This is where we decided to think outside the box. "What if there was a Character that had very similar abilities to his Base Character, with only very subtle differences to play as?"
So with that in mind, perhaps the people who say that Mario and Dr. Mario are exactly the same, and those who say that they are completely different, aren't divided so clearly. (Most likely more people say the latter.)

Because Dr. Mario is indeed a doctor, much slang has appeared in reference to his occupation. Now go and diagnose all the other Characters!

Oh yes, there actually was another reason to include Dr. Mario in SSBM. Having him in the game let us include his music.
An explanation for that is for another time....

Unlocking Method:
Clear Regular Campaign with Mario: No Continues. Alternatively, play over 100 Rounds in Versus.

Dr. Mario's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move


Horizontal Special Move

_Super Sheet

Up Special Move

_Super Jump Punch

Down Special Move

_Doctor Tornado