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A Blast from the Past ~ 1/08/02


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Young Link
Posted: January 15, 2002

Young Link Pinup

Making the Alternate Model Characters have different physiques is so much bettter. That way, giving them a personality is so much easier.

After getting to know Link's past more intimately, we found that Adolescent Link is actually the supplementary version, and Young Link is the correct version.

Yes, if you really look at it, Adolescent Link has only appeared in two, maybe even three games. Aiming at that, Young Link was implemented.

In the previous game, Link had great fighting ability, but had the Negatives of having a weak jump, and slow run.
(Of course, he does have his strong points.)

So if that's the case, would people like a version of Link that was faster, yet weaker? So with that point of view we went straight to work.

Also, Young Link's Break the Target needs to be started with the Triangle Jump. To do this, you must Jump into the wall. At the same time you hit it, Smash the Control Stick (only the Control Stick) in the opposite direction of the wall.

After the first Triangle Jump, set up a good tempo (don't panic), and work your way left, right, left, right. If you can do that then you'll be fine.

Unlocking Method:
Clear Regular Campaign with over 10 Characters. Alternatively, play over 500 Rounds in Versus.

Young Link
Seven years of time. Young Link arrives!

Light Weight
Because Young Link's Sword and Shield are not heavy, he can move with light feet.

Fire Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow becomes Fire Bow and Arrow. Even without charging it, the attack has decent power.
Link and Young Link
Posing with Link.

The Boomerang has become a bit more guided.

Lon Lon Milk
Now Young Link! Drink the Lon Lon Milk! It wont heal you though....

_Young Link's Special Move

_Neutral B Attack

_Fire Bow and Arrow

_Horizontal B Attack


_Up B Attack

_Spin Attack

_Down B Attack


Posted by: Zethar-II




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