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The Second Homicidal Psycho Jungle Electric Mouse ~ 12/11/01


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Posted: December 11, 2001

Pichu Pinup

In SSBM Alternate Model Characters are introduced.

14 Starter Characters, plus 5 Secret Characters is the basis for the Characters in SSBM, but Alternate Model Characters appear corners of the Character Select Screen, outside the normal Character boxes. They are Character Variations.

During production we could not see any way to make more than around 18 Characters in the game. But the customers wanted a lot of Characters to fight as....

That is when we got the idea to copy the Motion (movement) and Special Moves from another character and program them into another to save planning time. That way we just needed to change the Character's outward appearance and operation to make a new character. That is kinda like how Luigi was made in the previous game.

In all truth just, making Character Models and regulating them is not an easy job! Especially someone like me who has to balance out the Parameter (attack strength and jump range etc.) of Characters should know.
But, since our choices were only to "Include" or "Exlude" the Alternate Model Characters, we of course chose to "Include" them. That would absolutely be a better choise! (And cutting them fom the game still wouldn't make it possible for and more Characters to be in the game anyway.)

So, we had to prepare Pichu as opposed to Pikachu. If you actually compare the two in game you will see that they are actually pretty different.

So in SSBM Pichu has been established as being an extremely weak Character. Different from Jigglypuff in the previous SSB, who was a rather weak character, but was fairly strong depending on the person who used her, Pichu has a physical handicap where he will shock himself and take some damage whenever he does an attack involving electricity.
Out of all the Characters Pichu is the lightest, and doesn't have a lot of power when compared to other Characters.

But another way to look at this is that by managing to win with Pichu is a fairly cool thing. If you are at the point where you can play as Pichu and rank in the higher places, please, I challenge you to a fight.

Unlocking Method:
Play over 200 Rounds in Versus.

You probably might have noticed this already, but all Secret Characters can be unlocked just by Playing Versus Game. For a simple alternative it's rather intense, but for people who only play Versus it is an OK method.

Pichu is Pikachu's Pre-Evolution Character.

Quick Attack has become Agility. It's easy to use, but there's it does no damage.
For some reason Pichu falls sleeps when you crouch.

Having Pichu get shocked when using electrical attacks is a standard setting.

Because all attacks, even just normal A attacks, increase damage, make sure that it is absolutely necessary to use that attack.
Four of Pichu's Alternate Colors. Actually, they look more like Alternate Designs.

_Pichu's Special Move

_Neutral B Attack

_Thunder Jolt

_Horizontal B Attack

_Skull Bash

_Up B Attack


_Down B Attack


Posted by: Zethar-II




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