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Too Many Options to Handle? ~ 11/30/01


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Posted: November 30, 2001

The Very Polite Options

Well, even if you tried to explain Options, it would at least come out in two ways.

Where you regulate the game in its entirety is the "Options", and where you set up for battles is the "Rule Modification". Previously, the Rule Modification was called Battle Options.

Today we will look into the various aspects of these two.


This is where you can modify the setting sof the entirety of the game.


The Controller Number corresponds to the position it is in.

You can set the Rumble feature to be ON/OFF in this Option. You can choose a specific Name to apply or supress the feature to.


Music and Sound Effects can sound very different depending on the T.V. you have.

In addition to choosing Stereo or Mono, you can regulate the balance between the Sound Effects and the Music. Stress the Sound Effects for intensity and the Music for rhythm.


This is where you can select the screen quality.

A Deflicker is... well... I'll skip the long explanation I guess. This Option is designed depending on the compatability the game has with your T.V. (Well, maybe just asking you to choose right now is kinda pointless.)

Anyway, just test it out on your screen, and see which one you like better.


Oh! How international!

You can switch between the Japanese and English Languages. When translated it basically becomes the American Version of the game (although it isn't), so the translation even changes the Figure Directory release dates to the American ones.

Clear Data

Data Clear
Hmm, deja vu.

You can now choose only to partially Clear your Data. As I mentioned previously, it is very wise to make Backup Data in case pranksters get their hands on your game. When there are a lot of people and confusion, someone can very easily erase all your hard work.

Also, if you erase your Secret Character Data, their High Scores will be stored internally, so when you unlock them the second time, their High Scores will be the sme. (This was true for the previous production also.)

[Rule Modification]

Like its name suggests, the Rule Modification is a place where you can change the Rules for your Versus, where it is applied in Super Melee and Special Melee.

Rule Modification
The Rule Modification Screen. There is another page called "Additional Rules".



Time Battle / Stock Battle / Coin Battle / Assessment Battle
Here you can switch those rules around.

These rules change the game rather drastically, so make sure you choose the right one!


Time Limit/Stock Amount

This is where you set the limits of the match. If you have it set to a Time Battle you will set the Time Limit, while if you have it set to Stock you will set the Amount of Stock.



Where you can choose to have or omit the Handicap.

  • Off: No Handicap
  • Auto: Depending on how many Victories you've won it will Automaticallt set your Handicap
  • On: You will set your own Handicap

Be kind to the beginners....


Blast Away Ratio

You can set how easy it is to blast someone away anywhere between 0.5~2.0 Times. Set it low, and it will be harder to blast someone away. Set it high and it will be easier to blast someone away.


Stage Selection Method

You can choose to set the Stage Select Method in Versus to be
On / Random / In Order / Take Turns / Loser Chooses

Also, if you hold down the Start Button before the Stage is selected it will automatically become Random.


Item Switch

This is where you can choose what Items will appear, and how often they do. Set it to youir own liking, and Customize!

Your setup will be saved, so make sure to remember any changes you make.

- - - - -

[Additional Rules]

Additional Rules
This is what the Additional Rules Menu looks like initially.


Time Stock

You can set up a Stock Battle with a Time Limit. By the end of the Time Limit, and the match is not concluded, then it will go into a Sudden Death using Stock.


Team Attack

This will setup whether or not you can hit your Allies in Team Battle. To make it a Team Battle, click on the Upper Left of the Character Select Screen.


Pause Function

This option can get rid of the Puase Function. This also gets rid of the L+R+A+START way of resetting.

This can stop Players from Resetting the game if they are losing. This also stops Players who press Start over and over again to mess people up. This is basically to make things fairer in Tournaments and such.


Self Destruct Points

This lets you set how many Points a player will lose when he Kills Himself. You can choose anywhere between 0~-2 Points. This also limits the Players who die on purpose. Well, it's up to you if you want to use thise.


What?! There is the possibility of there being even more Additional Rules?! Well, to tell you the truth, the whole Additional Rules Option was initially planned to be Hidden anyway.

Well, have fun playing with the Options!

Posted by: Zethar-II




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