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  Welcome To Zethar -II's Domain

A Guide to the Menu Layout ~ 11/20/01


Main Menu


A Tribute to the Dead
• Luigi Mansion
• Kirby Anime
• Wave Race: BS
• Pikmin







Captain Falcon


Donkey Kong



Princess Peach

Ice Climber



Princess Zelda

Game Modes

• 1 Player
__- Regular Mode: Simple
__- Regular Mode: Adventure
__- Event Mode
__- The Colosseum
__- Training Mode
• Multiplayer
__- Coin Battle
__- Assessment Battle
__- Tournament Mode
__- Special Mode
____-Camera Mode

Menu Analysis
Posted: November 20, 2001

Menu Analysis

The "Fists of Smash Brothers Report" has previewed many of the different Modes in SSBM. But we have done them rather seperately, and some people are confused as to how to get to them. So in this Preview, we will show you how to navigate the Menus of SSBM.

An Important Note: There are several links on this page (no, not that person in green) so either press "Back" button on your Browser to get back.

Not all of these are old pages, some of them have new information.

The Top Menu
The Top Menu now has 5 items! Option is where you set all your own settings. Data Collective is where you can watch and enjoy your Data.

[1-Player Game]

  • Regular Campaign
    • Simple
    • Adventure
  • Event War
  • Colosseum
  • Training

[Versus Game]

  • Super Melee
  • Tournament Melee
  • Special Melee
  • Rule Modification
  • Name Registration



  • Rumble
  • Sound
  • Deflicker
  • Language
  • Clear Data

[Data Collective]

  • Snapshot
  • Gallery
  • Battle Record
  • Anouncements

Now, it is planned for Data Collection to be previewed on 11/23/01, and Rule Modification and Option to be previewed on 11/30/01. (I guess we never got to finish everything by the release date.)

We will update the Links (no, not the person who uses the Boomerang) as new information is released.

Is there any reason to post new Mode Previews after the release? Nope. At least, probably not. Well, the people who wanted the game aren't going to get EVERYTHING once they get their hands on it, will they? And just reading these Reports are fun, isn't it?

Reference: And if I were to Write the Outline of the Menu....

[1-Player Game]

  • Regular Campaign
    • Simple
    • Adventure
  • Event War
    • Event War 1~?
  • Colosseum
    • Break the Target
    • Homerun Contest
    • 100 Man Spar
      • 10 Man Spar
      • 100 Man Spar
      • 3 Minute Spar
      • 15 Minute Spar
      • Endless Spar
      • No Mercy Spar
  • Training

[Versus Game]

  • Super Melee
  • Tournament Melee
    • Tournament
    • Win Through
    • Lose Through
  • Special Melee
    • Camera Mode
    • Vitality Melee
    • Guant Melee
    • Tiny Melee
    • No Peeking Melee
    • Fixed Camera Melee
    • 1 Button Melee
    • Quick Melee
    • Slow Melee
  • Rule Modification
    • Rule
    • Time Limit/Stocck Limit
    • Handicap
    • Blast Away Ratio
    • Stage Selection Method
    • Item Switch
    • Additional Rules
      • Time Stock
      • Team Attack
      • Pause Function
      • Self Destruct Points
    • Name Registration


  • Figure Directory
  • Figure Slot Machine
  • Display


  • Rumble
  • Sound
    • Stereo/Mono
    • Sound Effect/Music Balance
  • Deflicker
  • Language
    • Japanese
    • English
  • Clear Data
    • Hidden Characters
    • Hidden Stages
    • 1-Player High Score
    • War Chronicles
    • Figure Collection
    • Clear All

[Data Collective]

  • Snapshot
  • Gallery
    • Special Images
    • How To Play
  • Battle Record
    • War Chronicles
      • Character Individual Kill Count
      • Character Individual Conditional Data
      • Character Comparative Best 5
      • Fighter Individual Kill Count
      • Fighter Individual Conditional Data
      • Fighter Comparative Best 5
    • Bonus Summary
    • Count Gatherer
  • Anouncements

For now, that is all.

Super Melee

You will start a normal Versus Match.

Character Select
The initial Character Select Screen.

At the Character Select Screen you can actually set up a lot of things.

  • Team Battle Settings
  • Jump straight to the Rule Modification Menu
  • Set Human, Computer, and Not Players
  • Set Handicap Value
  • Set CP Level
  • Name Registration

In Case you get your hands on SSBM, but you don't know how to set up the above, please refer to the Instruction Manual.

Stage Select
The Stage Select Screen

After that, you will go to the Stage Select Screen. (Well, depending on your settings you might skip this step.) Anyway, let the Melee begin!


Figure Slot Machine

Just by playing the game you will gather Figure Coins. It isn't a problem with 1-Player, or even Versus Games, just play and you will gather them!

Then, with the accumulated Figure Coins you can collect Figures.

Figure Slot Machine
Although, you ussually only need 1 Figure Coin to play.

Because there isn't an infinite variety of Figures, the probability of getting a new Figure constantly decreases. (Of course, that would be expected.)

But, you also have the option of spending extra Figure Coins, 1 for a 5% increase in the chance of getting a new Figure. So basically, with 20 Figure Coins it is guaranteed. At low times, we wouldn't want you wasting 100 Figure Coins and end up not getting a new one.

Also, the chances of getting some types of Figures may be greater using the Figure Slot Machine, or finding them during the rest of the Game.



Where you can enjoy every Figure you've collected at once.

Table Display
Like this.

The more Figures you gain, the larger the table will become. Pretty soon you may see the whole room.


Posted by: Zethar-II




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• Learn a Technique 1

• Learn a Technique 2

• Use the L and R Triggers

• Basic Operations

• New Systems

• The Obsession

• Opening Movie


• Items

• Stages
__- Multiplayer Stages
__- Companion Stages

• Figures

Master Up

• Special Events
__- E3 Report
__- SSBM's SpaceWorld Site
__- SpaceWorld Report 1
__- SpaceWorld Report 2



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