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Ever Wonder What a Master Up is? Even if not, here's what it is! ~ 11/02/01


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Master Up!

NOTE: In this update, I will refer to SSBM as its Japanese name (Smash Brothers Deluxe) for it to make more sense.

The other day, the GameCube Game "Smash Brothers Deluxe" got a Master Up!

Master Up means that the Program is finally finished, and all that's left is to mass produce the disks in the factory.

Now I will give my impressions (a bit openheartedly) on the game. It was hard! I mean, Ive made many games in the past, but none have compared to the difficulty of this project!

Objectively, If I were to look at the finalized version of SBDX, I would say that Deluxe turned out to live up to its name, and is packed full of luxury. (It's pretty amazing for us to pack in all these things, and not have them all be pointless to the game!)

But because of the Consumer Mark of Deluxe Doctorine we are regretting it a lot. We aimed for you too be able to play as long as you wanted because of the sheer feeling of volume experianced from the game.

The forward appearance is wide, while the interior is deep, with the simplicity of the controls, and still, with a great feel. The lighthearted anticipation, the fun with the Control Stick. At times gently, and at others difficult. With cute characters and cool charactrs, with lot's to do when alone or with friends. It nudges at the bud of a child, and proclaims the heartstrings of an adult. Personified as this masterpieve, accelerate with the the various famous musics, and relive Nintendo's history by winning the Figures. And on top of all that, there are even Homepages like this to interact with!

'The game that takes on the role GameCube's uprising' is what some have called SBDX's purpose. Well, it might not exactly be called that, but you get the picture.... But I must point out that making a game with this same plan in mind is going to be somewhat impossible. Even for this game we had to take it easy or we would have burned ourselves out. Not just mentally, but physically too.

So this this is SBDX, a very special game inn our hearts. Most likely at least....

Regrettably, there are parts that were cut from the game because of time restraints. But just compare it to the whole game, and laugh it off as something small and insignificant.

And thus ends my report.

Posted by: Zethar-II




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