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Posted: December 4, 2001

Marth Pinup

From "Fire Emblem" comes Marth! Have the fans been waiting for this? Have they?

Although, it wasn't easy. Marth isn't only a Nintendo Character, and the Fire Emblem series was never released internationally. Well, we went out on a limb to do this for thee fans who really wanted him. ("Out on a Limb" means that we had to get help from more people, even those other than Intelligent Systems.)

Originally, we had prepared to drop Marth from the international version. But after gaining the admiration of their people, the end result was that we left him in just like the Japanese Version and released it.. (Although, his voice is still Japanese in the International Version.)

Because both he and Link carry swords, we tried to make Marth different by giving him a "Fowing" use of the sword.

When designing the Motion of a Character, it is obvious that they are given movements that reflect our goal, but it is also supposed to give the player a certain feel for the character when they operate them. And just so players can get an extra feel for Marth, we have added the feature where attacks that hit the tip of th Sword are stronger.

This is a technique worth remembering for Marth users. Attack enemies by sliding about to build up damage. It would be good to think of strategies where you can just jump into battles, of course, after noticing the surroundings first.

So, Marth is powerful (if you do it right), and has a long reach, although there are times when not having reach with the sword could be good. He is also lightweight, and has an extremly weak throw. His attacks lose strength with distance, and you could say that he has a weak Return Attack.

Unlocking Method:
Play as the 14 Starter Characters in either Regular Campaign, or Super Melee at least once. Alternatively, play over 400 Rounds in Versus.

Marth arrives! A Dream Match....

Marvelous Combination
Marvelous Combination. Using both the Input of the Up, Down, and Neutral positions on the Control Stick, and well timed button pressing, you can pull off a Nine-Step Sword Combo.
Counter. You will block enemy attacks with your sword, and then counterattack.

Dolphin Slash
Dolphin Slash is a quick to start rising attack.

100 Man Spar
As it turns out, Marth is good at the 100 Man Spars.

Shield Breaker
Shield Breaker is a sword technique that can be charged to gain power!

_Marth's Special Move

_Neutral B Attack

_Shield Breaker

_Horizontal B Attack

_Marvelous Combination

_Up B Attack

_Dolphin Slash

_Down B Attack


Posted by: Zethar-II




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