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The Green Plumber is Back ~ 11/27/01


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Posted: November 9, 2001

Luigi Pinup

I never said "Luigi will not be in the next Smash Brothers." I just fealt that telling you from the start would ruin all the fun. Well, we made him a secret character for the people who find enjoyment in unlocking.

To those who have not played SSBM, Luigi is just a color change of Mario. In reality, they have a remarkable amount of characteristics that are different. Even from the last game the people who liked Mario and the people who liked Luigi were cleanly divided. But now the differences between the two are great enough that no one should ever mistake the two for each other.

Luigi is made with his strong points, and his weak points. The target of Characters like these were.... Well, you can see for yourself.

Also, when making the game we had no idea what Luigi Mansion would be like, so weapons like the Vacuum Cleaner (Ghost Vacuum) will not make an appearance.

Oh, and with all Secret Characters, I will write how to get them in the previews.

Unlocking Method:
Clear the Regular Campaign: Adventure Stage 1-1 when the value of the Ones place in the Seconds Collumn of the Remaining Time is 2. Then you must defeat Luigi within a minute, and then continue on to beat Adventure mode. Alternatively, play over 800 Rounds of Super Melee or Special Melee.

To unlock Luigi it is very specific, but don't worry, there aren't very many characters that have it this specific.

Stomping Mario
Luigi's Entrance Scene is a must see!

Super Jump Punch
Fire Jump Punch returns! It is stronger when you are above ground.
The Fireball launches swiftly from his hand. Luigi's fires straight.
Crushing Thrust!
Luigi's Smash Attack: 'Crushing Thrust'. There are a bunch of other attacks that are differen than Mario's.
Luigi Rocket
Luigi Rocket. Why does he fly like that?

His Appeal. What if I told you it was a Meteor Attack?!

_Luigi's Special Move

_Neutral B Attack


_Horizontal B Attack

_Luigi Rocket

_Up B Attack

_Super Jump Punch

_Down B Attack

_Luigi Cyclone

Posted by: Zethar-II




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