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Who Says You Can't Teach Old Eskimos New Tricks? ~ 10/09/01


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Ice Climber
Posted: December 23, 2001

Ice Climber Pinup

Who would have thought that their revival would be like this?! Without further adieu, the very much rumored Ice Climber!
*NOTE* In Japanese, they are both referred to as "Ice Climber" instead of the plural form.

"Why Ice Climber?", is a question asked to us many times.

First we decided thatwe wanted to use one of the original NES Characters for SSBM. After that it was only a simple process of elimination.

  • Baloon Fight: It looks to easy to pop the baloon, and after that it's no good.
  • Urban Champion: Not enough Special Moves.
  • Clu Clu Land: How would they fight?
  • Mach Rider: We'd have to make jump ramps.

    (It's not just these kind of problems.)

We also wanted the selected Character to have something that only they could do. It was very important for them to be able to do that.

With Ice Climber, you play as two people at once. This seemed interesting enough, so they were chosen to participate.

Fighting Ice Climber can turn out to actually be rather troublesome. It can be much harder to defeat them than you would expect. Ice Climber doesn't leave an impression as a powerful character, and there are instances where people using them can win without realizing it.

Ice Climber has the characteristic of being slow when they move horizontally in air. This was also implemented in SSBM, an almost fatal weakness in the type of game that it is. Ice Climber seems to be a Character of both extremes.
(Although, maybe not so much now after the recent adjustments.)

And to top it off, Ice Climber is made up from a girl-boy team, two childhood friends named Popo and Nana. Well, maybe more than friends, or maybe less than lovers.

Blue and Red
Enter Ice Climber! The Blue one is Popo and the Red one is Nana.

If either Popo or Nana is knocked out, the other will have to fight with a disadvantage.
Ice Shot
Ice Shot! With Popo and Nana together you will fire double the ice.

8 Ice Climbers
When 4 people choose Ice Climber it actually means that 8 fighters will be on screen at one time.
Gomu Jump!
Rubber Jump covers an ever so high distance.

Tornado Hammer!
Tornado Hammer! There are various advantages when both Popo and Nana use it at the same time.

_Ice Climber's Special Move

_Neutral B Attack

_Ice Shot

_Horizontal B Attack

_Tornado Hammer

_Up B Attack

_Rubber Jump

_Down B Attack


Posted by: Zethar-II




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