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  Welcome To Zethar -II's Domain

Introducing - Super Smash Bros Melee!


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A Tribute to the Dead
• Luigi Mansion
• Kirby Anime
• Wave Race: BS
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Captain Falcon


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Princess Peach

Ice Climber



Princess Zelda

Game Modes

• 1 Player
__- Regular Mode: Simple
__- Regular Mode: Adventure
__- Event Mode
__- The Colosseum
__- Training Mode
• Multiplayer
__- Coin Battle
__- Assessment Battle
__- Tournament Mode
__- Special Mode
____-Camera Mode

Camera Mode & Regular Game: Adventure
Posted: November 16, 2001

Camera Mode

Countless times before the word "Camera Mode", or things like it have come up. The all the pictures on the Fists of Smash Brothers website are done with angles changed and characters upped, and this Mode is a way to see characters in such a way.

Camera Mode can be found by going:
[Multiplayer Game] -> [Special Mode]

Special Mode Menu
You find it here.

First you must put the Controller you want to use to operate the Camera in the 4 Player Connector. If you do not have a Controller set, you will not be able to operate the Camera.

The other Controllers can be set to whatever Character you want. You can even make them a CP.

Zelda on the Character Select Screen!
The 4 Player Controller is exclusively for the Camera.

When you enter the Game a Help menu will appear. You will operate the Camera in accordance to that menu.

Taking a Picture
Spin! Spin! Spin! Zoom in! Aim for the right moment to capture!
  • Control Stick: Zoom In/Zoom Out
  • C Stick: Angle Change
  • D Pad: Strafe
  • A+Control Stick: Strafe
  • Y Button: Zoom In
  • X Button: Zoom Out
  • Start: Paus
  • B Button: Help ON/OFF
  • L or R: Next Character
  • Z Button: Snapshot

There is one important function that is also available! After taking a picture, you can preserve it with a Memory Card!

Now, by pressing Z you can take a picture. It's a snap! I-It really worked!
  • A Button: Save
  • B Button: Return

So pictures can be saved to the Memory Card. But pictures use a lot of the capacity of the Memory Card, so be careful. (You need a certain sense with these things, so you try get some experiance working with large computer Screenshots.)

Depending on the compression, the amount of pictures you are able to Save varies, so we can't give a concrete number. On average, a Memory Card 59 can hold around 4 to 6 pictures.

Taken Pictures are found in an Album by going:
[Data Menu] -> [Snapshots]

Photo Album
Just like this! Look at all those Souveneir Photos!

Taking a Closer Look
When you open them it's like this.

You can move them around, and arange the photos. You can even read them from other Memory Cards and copy them to your own.

Using the fun Pause option you can have fun showing them to friends, or trading them as well. And this is SSBM after all, so you can see all your favorite Nintendo All Stars in this pose, or that pose, after clever photographing.

Although, be careful because there are problems when trying to upload these pictures to websites.

It takes a certain amount of technique to be able to capture the Characters properly, but don;t worry! You can Pause the game and still move the Camera.

When it gets hard to take pictures, a good technique is to choose the background first, and position the Camera. Then you choose place the characters, and make maginifisant works of art!

Regular Game: Simple

Like I had promised, the Regular Game: Adventure mode is being previewed today.

When we say 'adventure' we don't mean it like in an RPG sense, where you play something that takes a really long time to play, but a game where you beat Stages in order. Depending on how you play, this mode should take you around 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

While the Simpe mode had the stages randomly selected, the Adventure mode has preset matches played at Home Stages designed after Gamer Series' Worlds. Though the fact that you fight the CP in the batlles doesn't change, you will now see Adventure Game elements included as well.

Koopa Troopa
Stage One is from the Mario Series. Look at all of those Koopa Troopas.

Escape from Zebes! Hurry! Hurry!

Though there are no Bonuses in Adventure Mode, there are times when Figures are just sitting on the floor waiting to be picked up. Also, various weak enemies also make appearances, a specialty of the Adventure Mode.

Team StarFox
Team StarFox arrives! What if I told you that the Voice Actors came back and reid the voices?

Like seen in the above picture, Visual Scenes have been included to play at various times. Don't worry, by pressing the button you can skip them.

An Intro that plays at the start of the Stage.

Stages have been designed to take several steps (levels). For example, after you fight Kirby, you will fight a swarm of the Kirby Copy Team.

Big Kirby
And on top of that, there are times when you can go to a different step.

Also included in the Simple mode are the 5 difficulty levels from Very Easy to Very Hard. But because of the many layers of that you can play SSBM in, we have made the difference in each difficulty level a lot more obvious.

But, on the whole, the Adventure mode is a lot more difficulat when compared to the Simple mode.

Also, we may have gone overboard with the Credit Roll. I think we designed it to be watched, rather than for credits.

Posted by: Zethar-II




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