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  Welcome To Zethar -II's Domain

Two Updates in one? That's Unheard of! ~ 11/09/01


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Assessment Mode & Regular Game: Simple
Posted: November 8, 2001

Assessment Battle

Up until now we have only known about the "Stock Battle", "Time Battle", and "Coin Battle" rules. There was also the possibility of one other rule for Multiplayer that could be cut from the game.

That was then, this is now, because today we reveal that we managed to put in that last rule! We call it "Assessment Battle". With this, it makes 4 different Multiplayer rules. (Well, if you count the Special Mode "Vitality Match", then there're 5.)

To the point, you can call the Assessment Mode the unique rule of all unique rules in any Action Game. You can actually consider this a whole sub-game in SSBM rather than just a rule.

I'm not exactly sure if an actual battle will result with this rule because of it being so specialized.

In the last game we included something called a "Special Bonus", one of the unique Smash Brother rules.

Assessment Battle Menu
These things!

The object of this rule is to accumulate Special Points depending on your actions during the battle. To compete by gathering Special Points is the meaning of the Assessment Battle.

Assessment Battle
First you fight a normal Time Battle.

Assessment Battle Results
Then you go to the Result Display. Each player get's lots of Special Bonus Points.

There are a number of Special Bonus Points that were just put in as jokes too. This way, it is even more important to take on the task of accumulating points.

For example,below are some of the Special Bonuses:

  • Back Stabber: You hit your enemy in the back a lot.
  • Meteor Smash: You finished your opponent with a Meteor Attack (an attack where you shoot your opponent straight down.
  • Bull's Eye: When you attack, and don't miss a lot.
  • Trouble Maker: If you attack more than 60 times a minute.
  • Grab Miss: If you miss a Grab or a Dash Grab over 40% of the time.
  • Flyer: After a jump you always do a second jump.
  • Gremlin: You hit people in midair a lot.

The increase in Special Bonuses has been calculated at being over several hundred varieties. You can even enjoy viewing the different Special Bonueses you get in other battles (in rules other than Assessment Battle).

Also, all the Special Bonuses you get are filed away seperately in the Data section. There you can read up on the different conditions needed to recieve the Special Bonus.

Special Bonuses Data
Just like this. I apologize for it being a little stiff.

If you think about it, this is kinda like mahjong, a game where you wage war with the fighting spirit and strategy. In the middle of the battle, you'll think of "Greedy Pig" or "True Air Fighter" and other such bonuses: a good thing.

Well, you wont pull through if you don't take a hands on approach, I'll tell you that much.

Oh! I just realized that I've never actually told you about the 1-Player Regular Game! There are actually two Regular Games, Simple and Adventure. Please excuse my ignorance.

Well, I can't keep my mouth closed on the subject any longer! So today and next time are going to be two updates about the Regular Games. Today will be Simple and next time will be Adventure.

Regular Game: Simple

Fundamentally, the Simple game is modeled after the previous game's 1-Player Game. Although, we have shortened it so that it could be a brisk 10~15 Minute game to play. Also, now the order in which you fight opponents has been randomized.

Regular Simple Intro
In the little Intro you see who you're going to face next.

There are a total of 11 rounds in this mode. Mainly they are 1 on 1 fights, but there are stages with Team Battles and Giant Slayers.

Giant Koopa!
Basically, the objective is to defeat your opponent. Aren't those really easy to understand rules?

Within the Simple mode, there are 3 bonus stages.

Break the Target

Break the Target
When we say break them, we mean break them!

Although you can play "Break the Target" in The Colosseum, it also makes an appearance as a Bonus Stage.

Figure Get

Figure Get
She's gotten two, but can she get the third?

Figures drop from above. You must attack them and deflect them into the cage. If you do, you get the Figure!

Three figures will drop, but I think it would be best if you focus on trophies you don't have.

Fight Your Way Through!

Race to the Finish
It's not just trying to find your way to the closest exit anymore.

The long route is dotted with exits. You must try and get to the furthest exit in the time limit. The further you go, the more Special Bonus Points you get, and the more Figure Coins you get. Of course, you're left with nothing if you can't get to an exit in the time limit.

By the way, the Figure Coins (the coins used to collect Figures with) are gathered just by playing. The more you play, the more you get. It can be 1-Player Game or Multiplayer, just play to get coins! The more people you play with will obviously make it easier to accumulate coins.

The only thing is that in Regular Game, Figure Coins are necessary if you want to continue!

The Figure Coins are necessary for players to continue! The coins are the Figure's Power.

We added the "coins for continues" function to add another degree of difficulty to the game.

Now the level of difficulty is broken into 5 different levels. But the levels are a slightly different "Very Easy" to "Very Hard" scale.

  • Very Easy: Gentle even for beginners.
  • Easy: Rather Easy for normal players.
  • Normal: Rather Hard for normal players.
  • Hard: Difficult.
  • Very Hard: For Experts.
Setting it to "Very Easy" makes it simple for beginners, a good level for people who don't like Action Games. It's also ideal as a stepping stone to work your way up the scale. Just don't burn yourself out.

Another way to look at it is on "Very Hard" it becomes an almost dangerous level of difficulty. Well, that's Simple Mode. Adventure Mode on Very Hard may actually be the hardest we've ever made a Nintendo game!

Yet another broad yet thin layer of SSBM is revealed. Another layer that took enough work to almost declare an emergency situation. Try and see if this is the type of game you like.

Posted by: Zethar-II




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