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  Welcome To Zethar -II's Domain

Data! Oh so much Data! ~ 11/23/01


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Data Collective
Posted: November 22, 2001

I Command you to Record!

The "Fists of Smash Brothers Report" can bet that there are no more playable Game Modes left to preview! But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to play. Probably....

Where your battle experiance is properly recorded, the Data Collective is where you challenge your own curiousity. Do know everything about this mode? Well, that's why this is a preview!

From the Top Menu, Data Collective is broken into 4 more Menus.

  • Snaspshot
  • Gallery
  • Battle Records
  • Anouncements
Data Collective Menu
The Data Collective Menu.

Other than the Gallery option, the 3 Menus in the Data Collective is where various information is stored. The inside of the Gallery will be something to look forward to when you buy the game.

Data Collective > Snapshot

Like I had told you earlier, the photographed Picture Data in the Camera Mode can be displayed where you can see them all at once.

Photo Album
Look at them all you want! Trade them all you want!

As mentioned before, the Pictures take up a lot of space on a Memory Card. Everything else has been compressed to only use up 11 Blocks of memory.

Data Collective > Battle Records

The Battle Records Menu is also divided into 3 Menus:

  • War Chronicles
  • Bonus Summary
  • Count Gatherer

A neat organization.

Data Collective > Battle Records > War Chronicles

This Menu is where Versus Data is recorded. The first page of the War Chronicles tells how many times someone has killed someone.

When you move the cursor and select someone, it will show that individual's statistics in an easy to see obvious way. Use it as a Local Diagram.

Character Kills
All the Characters don't fit in one screen!

The next page of the War Chronicles displays "Conditional Data", where specific information on that character is listed. Things listed can range from being practical, to making you think "Why would that be in here?".

Character Conditions
T-too much detail! Is this for real? I see....

And finally, the third page lists the Best 5 characters of various topics in a nice and aesthetically pleasing way.

Character Best 5
Yeah! I walked the most distance! That's how the characters compete against each other.

Maybe the "Fists of Smash Brothers Report" never wrote this, but individual people can Register their Name!

Named Fighters
Fighting with your own name makes it so much easier to tell yourself apart.

In the War Chronicles it will actually record the Battle Records on each Registered Name!

Fighter Conditions
With X and Y Button you can switch between Characters and Registered Names.

After Registering your Name, you can easily bring it up at the Character Select Screens. You can even specifically choose which Registered Names will use the Rumble Feature. Oh, wha a relief!

Rumble Pack
A little late, but here's the Rumble Set Screen.

Please be careful that Battle Records from things like the Tournament Melee will not be recorded. If I keep explaining like this, we'll never go anywhere, so I'll leave it at this.

Data Collective > Battle Record > Bonus Summary

All the Special Bonuses you have recieved will be listed here. The explanation of this was covered in the Assessment Battle section.

Data Collective > Battle Record > Count Gatherer

This is one of those things where you're not sure whether it's for real or not.... Anyway, this Menu will record various things about your game since it has started.

Count Gatherer
This menu will even record things even if it were things unrelated to the actual fighting.

Now, the next Menu is....

Data Collective > Anouncements

This menu will tell you when you've accomplished certain important things, whether it be things like Secrets or Prizes. When you accomplish those things the Date will be recorded.

Wow! I cleared that mode on that date?!

Well, this is all part of the Smash Brothers Experiance, wouldn't you say?

Well, just for the heck of it, here's an extra topic!

Some of you probaably know this already, but SSBM actually has the option of playing in two different languages! You can play in something other than Japanese!

Language Select
Here it is folks!

When you set it to English, things from the Menus, to Figure Descriptive Texts, and Certain Character's names and voices are changed to the utmost limit! One game with such a splendid translation.

Ryota Hayami
In the Figure Descriptions, release dates are switched to the foreign ones as well.

And how does the Language Option affect the War Chronicles? Well, fo one thing, distance is now measured in Feet, rather than Meters. (1 Foot is equal to 30.48 Centimeters.)

This way, in the Homerun Contest you feel as though your blasting them around three times further! Also, the records for the Colosseum are listed on the Colosseum Character Select Screen.

Meters to Feet
Like this.

Also, Secret Characters and other Secret Elements that are included can be erased individually in:
Option > Clear Data

Clear Data
The dreaded Clear Data Screen.

In the GameCube Control Screen erasing one File is doing the same thing as Data Clear. This kind of Option isn't really necessary, but we put it in just to be nice.

Although, because it is so easy to delete infomormation, be careful about leaving your game in places where people may try to pull a prank, or where some small children who do not know how to operate the game. It may be a good idea to make backups.

Because with all the various Characters and Figures you've accumulated, it wouls cause too much sorrow if that was all lost.

Posted by: Zethar-II




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