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2001.10.9 Update

Who would have thought that their revival would be like this?! Without further adieu, the very much rumored Ice Climber!

"Why Ice Climber?", is a question asked to us many times.

First we decided that we wanted to use one of the original NES Characters for Smash DX. After that it was only a simple process of elimination.

_ Baloon Fight • • • It looks too easy to pop the baloon, and after that it's no good.
_ Urban Champion • • • Not enough Special Moves.
_ Clu Clu Land • • • How would they fight?
_ Mach Rider • • • We'd have to make jump ramps.
(It's not just limited to these kinds of problems.)

We also wanted the selected Character to have something that only they could do; it was very important for them to be able to do that.

With Ice Climber, you play as two people at once. This seemed interesting enough, so they were chosen to participate.

Fighting Ice Climber can actually turn out to be rather troublesome. One doesn't always expect them to be so hard to defeat. Ice Climber doesn't leave an impression as a powerful character, and there are instances where people using them can win without realizing it.

Ice Climber has the characteristic of being slow when they move horizontally in air. This was also implemented in Smash DX, an almost fatal weakness in this type of game. Ice Climber seems to be a Character of both extremes.
(Although, maybe not so much now after the recent adjustments.)

And to top it off, Ice Climber is made up from a girl-boy team, two childhood friends named Popo and Nana. Well, maybe more than friends, or maybe less than lovers.

[These Screenshots were taken during developement]

Ice Climber's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move

_Ice Shot

Horizontal Special Move

_Tornado Hammer

Up Special Move

_Rubber Jump

Down Special Move